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WPB Master Plan

The original WPB Master Plan was adopted February 10, 2009. The overriding goal of the plan was to be consistent with the values, visions, and priorities of Wicker Park and Bucktown community members. Therefore, the creation of the plan required extensive public input and participation. The community's words punctuate this report, adding local flavor and style and making the WPB Master Plan distinctly Wicker Park and Bucktown. These community members played an integral role in informing the analysis, and their visions for WPB's future informed this plan's recommendations. Together, this WPB Master Plan was a common vision for the six commercial corridors that comprise WPB and the surrounding residential communities.

In 2016, the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce and WPB SSA #33 commissioned an update to the original Master Plan. Below are chapters of the entire document. They are listed according to the order of the document, and the title of each gives an idea of general content.

2016 WPB Master Plan