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Forms & Applications


Businesses are eligible to receive up to 9 months of free composting services, to be fully funded through our newest sustainability initiative.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this form online here.


Community Grant Program

Organizations may apply for up to $5,000 to support public programs, events, initiatives, or services that demonstrate a measurable benefit to the community and foster community growth. Eligible initiatives include Special Events, Festivals, Ongoing Programming, Neighborhood Services, or local Marketing Campaigns. Typically SSA funding is used to support Marketing/Promotion, Supplies/Materials, and stipends for artists/performers/educators.

Learn More and Apply Here

If you have completed your event, please submit your post-event report here.


Rebate Programs

Safety Rebates and Security Rebates provide incentives for owners/tenants to make improvements to their properties that enhance public safety, quality of life, and the visual aesthetic of Wicker Park Bucktown.

Learn More and Apply Here


Review Schedule

Applications are reviewed quarterly by the Grants & Rebates Committee before advancing to the SSA #33 Commission for final approval. Rebates are accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed at the next scheduled meeting. Safety Rebates in amounts smaller than $1,000 may be issued sooner. However, all Community Grant Applications must be submitted by the quarterly deadline before the start date for your initiative.

2024 Community Grant Review Deadlines

Q1 Application Deadline - December 29 (Feb, Mar April)
Q2 Application Deadline - March 29 (May, June, Jul)
Q3 Application Deadline - June 28 (Aug, Sep, Oct)
Q4 Application Deadline - September 30 (Nov, Dec, Jan)
**You may apply early, but late applications will not be accepted.
EXAMPLE: Your event takes place on November 18th. It is okay to apply before the March 31st deadline. If your application is submitted on November 2nd it will not be accepted.