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About the Market

The mission of the Wicker Park Farmers Market (WPFM) is to provide a space for regional food producers to sell to and interact with customers, for our residents and neighbors to access healthful foods and local goods, and to foster a sense of place and community in the Wicker Park Bucktown neighborhood.


Wicker Park Farmers Market LogoThe WPFM promotes the following values: 

Local, environmentally-responsible food. The WPFM emphasizes sustainably-grown and nutritious local foods. Farmers who grow our produce and processors who use locally-grown ingredients in their products will find a space to sell their products directly to local consumers.

Small business entrepreneurship. The market provides opportunities for regional farmers and food producers to sell directly, educate the public about sustainable nutrition, and build relationships with residents. Local crafters, entertainers, and service providers also have a place to promote their businesses and engage with market-goers.

Community cohesion. The market allows local vendors and residents to come together around shared interests of healthful food, a robust local economy, and neighborhood togetherness. The market encourages local engagement and promotes the identity of the Wicker Park neighborhood.