Wicker Park Bucktown SSA #33 has 6 committees assigned with addressing specific topics important to our neighborhood. All committee meetings, and the monthly SSA Commission Meeting, are open to the public and participation is encouraged.

Anyone can apply to be a voting member of a committee; voting committee members do not have to live/rent/own property in the district. To become a voting committee member, you must submit an application, and be formally approved by the WPB Commission.


Click here to see the full calendar of upcoming SSA meetings



1st Monday of the month @ 9am | Janik's Cafe (2011 W. Division St.)

The committee is tasked with improving the cleanliness/appearance of WPB’s streetscapes and other sustainability initiatives. Clean & Green oversees all of our vendor contracts for landscaping, litter abatement, graffiti abatement, tree management, sidewalk snow removal and more. 



1st Thursday of the month @ 8:30am | WPB Chamber of Commerce (1414 N. Ashland Ave.)

This committee aims to spread the word to generate buzz, intrigue, and excitement about the area and the people, businesses, and organizations that make the neighborhood unique. The committee oversees the annual Neighborhood GuideSSA Annual Report, and the SSA #33 Community Grant Program, which supports local businesses, arts organizations and community events.  



2nd Tuesday of the month @ 8am | Goddess & Grocer, 2nd floor (1649 N. Damen Ave.)

This committee was created to play proactive role in shaping WPB’s unfolding future. The committee manages the Façade Rebate Program and the Neighborhood Safety Rebate Program, as well as discussing big picture plans for Wicker Park Bucktown. 



2nd Thursday of the month @ 8:30am | WPB Chamber of Commerce (1414 N. Ashland Ave.)

SSA #33's Transportation Committee strives to foster multi-modal mobility and circulation along WPB’s corridors. The committee oversee's all of the SSA's street furniture, including orange branded bike racks, benches, and planters. We are proud to be advocates for all forms of active transportation.

This committee has worked closely with Chicago Dept. of Transportation (CDOT) on targeted improvements along Milwaukee Avenue. Bike boxes, curb bumpouts, two slip lane closures (Damen/Milwaukee & Ashland/Milwaukee), and two new crosswalks at Milwaukee/North/Damen are just some of the improvements. SSA #33's on-street bike corrals of the first of their kind in the entire city. 



4th Tuesday of the month @ 9am | WPB Chamber of Commerce (1414 N. Ashland Ave.)

The Arts Committee is devoted to promoting local arts and maintaining WPB’s creative identity while helping artists remain active in the community. In 2018, the committee completed the installation of 3 major public artwork commissions, Lynn Basa's Worker Cottage Parklet, Mike Helbing's Wicker Tree, and a Hebru Brantley mural at the corner of Milwaukee/Wood/Beach. 



3rd Tuesday of the month @ 8:30am | WPB Chamber of Commerce (1414 N. Ashland Ave.)

The Executive Committee is made up of officers from the WPB SSA #33 Commission. This committee discusses important matters which don't explicitly fall under the jurisdiction of other committees and prepares for SSA Commission Meetings (which take place the following day). Executive Committee also acts as a second opportunity to introduce or vote on new orders of business, in case other committees did not have sufficient attendance to formally vote on motions over the past month. 



Typical Monthly Committee Meeting Schedule

Day of Month




1st Monday


Clean & Green

Janik’s Café (2011 W. Division St.)

1st Thursday


Promote WPB

WPB Chamber of Commerce (1414 N. Ashland Ave.)

2nd Tuesday


Guide Development

Goddess & Grocer, 2nd floor (1649 N. Damen Ave.)

2nd Thursday



WPB Chamber of Commerce (1414 N. Ashland Ave.)

3rd Tuesday



WPB Chamber of Commerce (1414 N. Ashland Ave.)

3rd Wednesday


SSA Commission

Wicker Park Field House (1425 N. Damen Ave.)

4th Tuesday



WPB Chamber of Commerce (1414 N. Ashland Ave.)

Please check the calendar of upcoming meetings and the homepage for any changes, cancellations or important updates