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SSA #33 Funded Installation of these 5 Sculptures
Public murals funded by the WPB SSA #33

Wicker Park Bucktown may be a national destination for boutique shopping, restaurants and bars, but it is also one of Chicago's most recognizable artistic hubs. For decades artists have called Wicker Park and Bucktown their home and established numerous studios, project spaces, and galleries. Considered among the most energetic, funky and exciting arts districts in Chicago, the Wicker Park and Bucktown (WPB) neighborhoods are rich with creativity and commerce. From the growing number of established art galleries to numerous theaters, music venues, and numerous pop ups, the artistic offerings of the area continue to expand and engage people from all over the city, country, and world. Whether you are seeking compelling artwork, the DIY craft scene, handmade goods, live music, or a good show, the arts and culture of WPB has something to offer you! 

Here at the WPB Chamber of Commerce and SSA #33 we aim to help you enjoy our vibrant arts through art guides, online archives of public work and architecture, and community engagement efforts. Check out the Art Around WPB section for weekend guides, event listings, and documented public art. Peruse our Arts Directory to learn more about our local spaces and find information on some of our neighborhood artists. Find a record of street art on our Murals & Public Work page. Or if you're more of the history buff, read up on the areas notable architecture and artistic legacy on our Art & Architectural Legacy page.