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Dr. Bird's - Now Open! Multiple Restaurant Positions NOW OPEN

Organization: Dr. Bird's - Now

Line Cooks- This person will need to have some culinary experience and likes working in the kitchen. Work ethic, and integrity are what's most important; we can train everything else. (baking experience is a plus)


Kitchen Manager- We'll be looking for some more advanced culinary skills. They do not have to be a five star Chef, but they have to be very comfortable in the kitchen. We'll also be looking for good leadership skills as the line cooks will report to the kitchen manager. A Chicago Food Sanitation certificate is required for this position. (baking experience is a plus)


Customer Service Lead- This person is responsible for the customer service experience for the guests; they will be responsible for providing leadership for the front of house workers. This person will also need strong interpersonal skills as we will be expecting this person to upsell customers that are dining in. A former waitress or host would be ideal for this position.


Bus boy/ Runner- This role will be responsible for standard bus boy activities as well as dishwashing. This person will be customer facing so will need soft skills as well.


Cashier/Barista- Primarily looking for strong customer service and soft skills.

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