ChillFest 2020


From Acoustic, Folk, R&B, Jazz and more ChillFest is a pop-up music fest that provides a variety
of musicians as you shop WPB on Saturday, Febrauary 8th, 2-6pm. To learn more about the artists 
performing this year, click on the names below. Check back for the full lineup schedule.



Meghan and Timothy Pratt Sweet Kay  Frankii Dex Jeff Wichmann
Acoustic Raccoon Nathan Clemente Emma Grace  Ryan Burns Cole Brandt
 Edson Avalos  Celia Rose  Morning Commute Bill Ryan Quinn Guillermo
ButterBean Sammy Cannillo Baby Cuts Heidi Serwer Ian Leith
Neil Dixon Smith Marshall Robinlee Garber Ryan Herrick Corridor Brass Quintet