Green Initiatives

Go WPB Green and Save Money!

The WPB Chamber of Commerce offers a variety of green and sustainable programming for the benefit of both its members and the community as a whole. For a brief overview of some WPB Chamber’s green initiatives, watch the WGN Exclusive featuring a discussion with former Executive Director Adam Burck.


10 Simple Things

Brought to you by the WPB Chamber's Green Committee, '10 Simple Things' is a list of actions, ranging from simple, low-cost tasks to big ticket investments with long term pay-offs. Simply review the list and choose ten action items that work for your business, then put them into action! Be sure to share your chosen steps with us: Chamber members can earn "WPB Green" designation to promote their efforts.

Want to learn more? Read interviews with WPB organizations who adopted green initiatives under the program:

Littlerock Construction


Joe's Wine Cellar


Piece & Brobagel


Janik's Cafe


Wicker Park Lutheran Church



Check out our sustainability manuals, including a Green Event Planning Manual and Recycling Guide, for some green tips. 

The Small Business Energy Savings (SBES) program, through ComEd and People’s Gas, gives small businesses expert advice, high-level reports that recommend energy-saving improvements specific to their business, and rebates on energy improvement investments. There are program freebies too, such as compact fluorescent lamps, faucet aerators, and pre-rinse sprayers! Check out the fact sheet for more information on the benefits of the program.

Two local businesses, Subterranean and Janik's Cafe, as well as the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber office, can speak to the flexibility and value of the program.


Green Resources Fair 

The annual Green Resources Fair provided the entire WPB community with knowledge, services, and resources to green their actions, lives, and enterprises while saving money. The family-friendly festival is great for kids, adults, residents, and small business owners alike. Check out lists of exhibitors who participated in the 2012, 2013, and 2014 fairs to learn more! 


Successful Projects

LED Exit Signs in Wicker Park-Bucktown
In 2012, WPB's SSA #33 offered local businesses a special $10 per-sign incentive to reduce costs and go green by upgrading exit signs with super low-wattage LEDs. Combined with ComEd small business incentives, local businesses paid only $39 per sign, presenting a one-year payback in energy savings. LEDs last for ten years without needing replacement. Needless to say, this project was a big hit!