Artist Registry

In order to better connect local artists and collectives with our neighborhood galleries, exhibition and performance spaces, and prospective patrons and clients, WPB SSA #33 maintains an active, public registry of artists who live, work, show, and perform in the neighborhood. Click on any of the images or artists below to learn more about them and their work, as well as for links to their websites and social media accounts. Artists who have worked with us on SSA #33 sponsored projects will also include a an acknowledgement and documentation of that work. We hope that this registry is enjoyed by the public and proves a valuable tool in promoting our Chicago artists and bolstering public engagement of their work.

Anna Murphy 
Anna Murphy & Co. 
Ayme Robinson  Betty Huang 
Kitty Huang 
Bianca Goyette
the bellow & the whale 
Blake Adams 
Bojana Ilic
Brandon Heston
Saint Ick 
Brie Hines
The Brie Show 
Brittany Gutierrez
New Lens Photography 
Bumpy Wilson  Candice Randall
Candice Alise – Creative Alien 
Carly Martin
Clementine Studio 
Carron Little
queen of luxuria 
Claire Ashley
Claire Helen Ashley 
Damon Lamar Reed 
Daniel Thomas MacInnes
DT Media
David Heo  Evelynn Naling 
Emmy Naling 
Fabio de Faria  Felicia Holman  Francesca Martino
Frank Okay  Gaby Silva Bavio  Garrett Allen 
Hyunju Park  Isabelle Perkins Suiste
Isabelle Katoris 
Contemporary Symbolism 
Jeanette Andrews  Jessica Brackett
Jessica Brackett Studio 
Jordan Miller 
Kendall Hill
Kendall Hill – Dollhouse Studio 
Komal Wadhwa
Kraneil Fine Art 
Leoncio Duque 
Liam Wilson  Luis Gonzalez
Saint Lui 
Lynn Basa 
Basa Projects LLC 
Madonna Elizabeth Rentner 
Madonna Rentner 
Mary Fedorowski
Overbite Studio 
Nicholas Sistler 
Patrick Reiley 
Penny Pinch 

Ruth Aizuss Migdal 
Sydney Milan Mathis  Todd Howell
Victoria Goite 
Violet Luczak      

If you are interested in joining the WPB Artist Registry, please complete THIS FORM and our team will be in touch when we've added you.

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If your registry information is incorrect or you have other requests about your listing, please contact