Damon Lamar Reed

phone: 1 (773) 835-1832
email: damonlamar@prodigy.net

After graduating from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Damon Lamar Reed began his career as an artist. To date, Reed has created 140 plus public art projects including: works for the Superbowl 46, works that can be seen in various documentaries and commercials, and works featured in books such as, Kym Pinders’, Painting the Gospel. He has become an authority in mural restoration, having repainted over 10 to date; including murals by Calvin Jones, Bill Walker and John Pittman Weber.

Damon became the 1st artist to receive the “Gem of the Community” award from Archi-treasures for his ability to collaborate in a creative context. He was also honored at Voice of the Peoples’ (VOP) annual gala for his commitment to excellence. His public artwork can be found in Illinois, Texas, Florida, Indiana, Arizona, Michigan, Tennessee and Louisiana. Damon is a true believer in the POWER of art and its ability to bring about change through its beauty.