Bojana Ilic


“Passion, color, and detail define me as an artist and designer. I am inspired by moments, people, music and culture. I’m constantly curious with a huge urge to give back and empower people and children to think bigger than themselves.”

Bojana Ilic - BOJITT


Bojana Ilic - BOJITT is a Serbian-born and raised, Chicago based abstract artist with a degree in clothing and textile design. After a successful 10-year career in the fashion industry in Europe, Bojana moved to the United States where she lives now with her son.

BOJITT leverages over 20 years of freelancing experience. Bojana’s work has helped clients develop and deliver their brand, vision, and passion through art and fashion. Her experience ranges from corporate clients like Leo Burnett, Philip Morris, and Chevrolet to theaters and television (NBC, FOX, Lyric Opera Chicago...)

Her art (paintings and murals) can be seen in commercial spaces, restaurants and private collections throughout Chicago and US as well as internationally. She also is part in Motion Pictures Production in Chicago as a Scenic Artist for Local 476.

After all life experience she decided to create and teach interactive empowering art programs for adults and youths as well as workshops for corporations and small business team building.

Bojitt also regularly performs her art for fundraisers and other events with Live Art International Group.

True collaboration and honest expression are BOJITT’s strongest assets. Her success stems from her extensive experience and ability to bring ideas to fruition in a unique and professional manner.