Anna Murphy

Anna Murphy & Co. 

Originally from England, Anna Murphy is a Chicago based artist with a professional studio in the Pilsen neighborhood. She balances her time between fine art and gallery work, outdoor murals and installations, as well as teaching. Before moving to Chicago in 2012, Anna graduated with a BFA in painting from the University of Louisville, and was awarded the Winthrop Allen Memorial Scholarship for most outstanding graduating senior in 2D studios. Shortly after she was also awarded the Kentucky Foundation for Women Artist Enrichment Grant. In her studio work, she specializes in realistic figurative and portraiture painting in oil. Her paintings have deep roots in spirituality and the investigation into the power and divinity of feminine energy. In addition to her gallery work she is also a muralist, exhibiting her work in public spaces across the Chicago and beyond. Her murals celebrate nature’s serene beauty and our oneness with Mother Earth and the animal kingdom. She was named by Artist Replete as one of Chicago’s top 10 artists to look out for in 2020.