Weekend Arts Guide (8/30-9/1 2019)

By: WPB Arts
Sponsors: Wicker Park Bucktown SSA33
Date: August 30, 2019 - September 1, 2019

Image Credit: I Deserve This by Alex Peyton-Levine, as seen in the One Wall exhibition on view now at Jackson Junge Gallery.

It's looking like a gorgeous long weekend ahead and the arts in Wicker Park Bucktown are brimming with things to do and see and ways to stay occupied and engaged over the next few days! Give our latest WPB Weekend Arts Guide a look to make your plans...

Friday (8/30/2019)

Firecat Projects
Nelson W. Armour: The Identity Project
In leaving his house of 35 years, Armour tried detaching himself from his T-shirts, hats, and other apparel, but was hampered by the memories. They contained too many of the stories and phases of his life. In these self-portraits, Armour is portrayed as an “everyman,” an archetype of people everywhere. The clothes we wear identify ourselves. The tee goes further; it states and projects, either whimsically or seriously. Why has the T-shirt and hat become so universal? Why do we directly advertise our egos and embrace our idols and causes? What are we trying to say?
Opening Reception 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Jackson Junge Gallery
One Wall: Alex Peyton-Levine
The popular ONE WALL rotating exhibition returns for its fifth season, as four different artists over the course of eight weeks create four unique installations that transform the gallery's front window and space occupied by a single wall. The fourth round features Alex Peyton-Levine. Peyton-Levine moved to Chicago in 2015 to receive her Master's Degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She grew up considering art mostly as a language and tool, rather than an object-oriented practice and states, "Inevitably, I have maintained this relationship to making art, wherein I am more concerned with what my work is saying rather than what it looks like. For me, art has always been a way of looking into myself. I have pursued this career because I embrace the selfish nature of being human, in that our own bodies and our own minds are the fundamental lenses through which we can see the world, and we rely on each other to communicate about our unique experiences and to share what we know. As an artist, my aim is to use my art to engage in conversation." Peyton-Levine is known for her multi-media practice and will adjust her materials and methods to address the circumstances surrounding the space. Working with paint, fabrics, flowers, plastics, paper, wood, found objects, often evokes feminine power.
Artist Reception 6:00pm to 9:00pm

The Silver Room at Emporium Wicker Park
SOUL Music
The Silver Room is bringing together a multi-city, multigenerational slew of DJs & Beatmakers to create a vibe that is true to our history and honors their vision for the future. Hosted at Emporium Arcade Bar by ShowYouSuck, the evening will feature sets by _StepChild, Lisa Vazquez (Portland), E-Turn (Orlando), Shon Devris, Uncle EL , and DJ Steve Bravo.
9:00pm to 2:00am

Saturday (8/31/2019)

AdventureLand Works on Paper
Two Worlds: Ashkon Haidari
Two Worlds is a showcase of oil paintings and drawings from two bodies of work by artist Ashkon Haidari, naturally manifested from a heart divided between two cultures and two worlds. Pet friendly.
Exhibition Closes - Final Day

Challengers Comics + Conversation
Let's Make Ramen Signing with Sarah Becan
Sarah Becan, one of Chicago's favorite comic creators, returns to Challengers to sign copies of Let's Make Ramen! Come pick up a copy of this tasty new book, and get it signed by one of its Sauceome authors! Playful and instructive, this hybrid cookbook/graphic novel introduces the history of ramen and provides more than 40 recipes for everything you need to make the perfect ramen at home including stocks, tares, and broths; noodles, toppings, and accompaniments. Authors Hugh Amano and Sarah Becan present colorful, humorous, and easy-to-follow comics that fully illustrate all the necessary steps and ingredients. Perfect for beginners, seasoned cooks, and armchair cooks alike, this comic book cookbook is an accessible, fun, and inviting introduction to one of Japan's most popular dishes!
2:00pm to 4:00pm

Little Broken Things
Samuel Murphy: Jitters, You've got the
Samuel Murphy presents new works of personal reflection through social anxiety, including reworked paintings, stickers, and photography. The opening will feature a handmade soy candle pop-up shop by Rocket Relics and drinks from Marz Brewing. Bring friends!
Opening Reception 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Vertical Gallery
Mythical Creatures: Alex Face & Muebon
The first-ever U.S. showing of Alex Face and MUEBON, two of Asia’s most acclaimed and incisive street artists, Mythical Creatures spotlights all-new works from Alex Face and MUEBON, both featured within the famed Souled Out Studios collective of artists. Thailand native Alex Face (born Patcharapol Tangruen) is best known for his signature character Mardi. Bangkok-based MUEBON (real name: classified) is renowned for biting social commentary on subjects spanning from wealth disparity to environmental activism — messages he delivers via his rotating cast of colorful characters. MUEBON is perhaps most synonymous with his skull stickers and wheatpastes, memento mori urging viewers to expel their feelings of anger, frustration and hopelessness in favor of embracing acceptance and finding inner peace.
Exhibition Closes - Final Day

Volumes Bookcafe
Special StoryTime with the Children's Literacy Initiative
Join the Children’s Literacy Initiative at Volumes Bookcafe for a free back to school opportunity featuring Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein.  There will be art, story-time, and a short demonstration on how best to read aloud to your children. Fun for the entire family!
10:00am to 11:00am

Young Chicago Authors
Queeriosity Zine Release
Celebrate the release of Young Chicago Authors and Louder Than A Bomb's annual zine! Queeriosity is a publicized space for queer and questioning artists in the Chicagoland area, ages 14 to 25, to share their work in print. The evening will feature performances from Tasha and Bee Kapri.
6:00pm to 9:00pm

Sunday (9/1/2019)

Heaven Gallery
Dead Futures Artist Talk
Join artists Santiago X, Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez, and Marcela Torres as they discuss their artistic practices and walk through their show Dead Futures. Coffee donated by Starbucks and pastries by Artemios.
1:00pm to 2:00pm

The Occult Bookstore
Final Weekend
The Occult Bookstore, a neighborhood staple for the past 100 years, will be relocating and re-opening as a not-for-profit organization this fall. Come and spend the last weekend of the shop's current iteration in Wicker Park!
Noon to 6:00pm

Wicker Park Farmers Market
Fresh produce from regional agriculture and local prepared foods culminate with a weekly market in Wicker Park proper. Musical performances by Ryan Burns from 8:00am to 10:00am and Joe and the Krikorians from noon to 2:00pm.
Market Open 8:00am to 2:00pm

Ongoing Exhibitions

Agitator Co-operative Gallery
Breaking the Myth: Anti-Model Minority Show
An interdisciplinary art show exhibiting work by nine Asian-American artists based in Chicago and throughout the United States. All work chronicles the Asian-American experience while smashing stereotypes. Exhibiting artists include Alice Mao, Angel AnQi Gu, Archangelo Crelencia, Danesh Kothari, Jen Lau, Joyce Jiao, Kat Liu, Marqus Nguyen with Nick Abad, and Yi Chun (Maggie) Cheng. 

David Leonardis Gallery
August Group Show
The August Group show is up, so come on in or send an email and collect some of the art available at the DLG. There are new art works from their collection of working artists including Donald Topp, Aly Jados, Matt Geer, Dave Alton, Paul Kostabi, and newcomer Larry Singer.

Laura Collins: Full Bloom
Full Bloom is an exploration into floral painting, a tradition that has been practiced by female artists and hobbyists for generations. This series has allowed the artist to feel connected to a lineage of female artists that have worked for centuries with floral subject matter. It stands as a contemporary take on a conventional topic. It has encouraged Collins to embrace a more saturated color palette and has led her to find new ways to engage an audience. The paintings come at a time in her practice when she is eager to see what the future holds. Full Bloom becomes a celebration of renewal and regrowth.

Gallery Cafe
Joshua Rhoades
Joshua Rhoades, landscape and astrophotographer, brings us spectacular compositions from the Midwest. He took third place at the 2019 Illinois State Fair photo exhibition, and he took 1st place at Gallery Cafe. On display and for purchase through September.

Heaven Gallery
Dead Futures
Mev Luna, Santiago X, Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez, and Marcela Torres are Dead Futures. Collectively, they inquire into the history of their origins, mining futurity and blurring notions of origin and end. The description of Indigeneity focuses on ones natural origination in location terms. Specifying that plants, animals or people are Indigenous due to their occurring from one particular place, Indigenous to X spot, on a world in rotation, in a multiverse in flux. Currently Indigeneity is disparagingly focused on binaries, of whom can rightfully claim a territory as home through tribal cards, DNA tests, passports and Social Security numbers proving nationality, demarcating the way bureaucracy has taken over the term as that of legal exclusionary access. Yet in the contemporary one still feels the pull of their origins and the need to investigate, pay repeated ritual, feel the changes of time and connect to our familiar and familial. The space of origin has mutated, reacting to the changes of the earth, technological advances, displacement, atrocities and its relation to constant cultural building and it byproducts.

Langer Over Dickie
Never Had a Jumpshot, Never Had a Plan
James Williams II is featured in his solo show Never had a Jumpshot, Never Had a Plan. Williams is a curator and interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses painting, sculpture and photography. His works center on topics of social and cultural identity in the United States tied together by self-portraiture and narration. During an attempt to make sense of race and visual representation for his five-year-old daughter, Indigo, Williams began to see similarities between her anthropomorphic cartoons and the origin of racial constructs in America, particularly in Black Americans. Anthropomorphized animals and inanimate objects in traditional stories or Disney movies are relatable to children. Williams’ work uses satire and visual riposte to challenge the ambiguity of the black construct as both an object and racial classification. He uses shadows, video, paper, velcro, and sculpted wooden objects to find humor in the inaccuracies and indecisiveness of racial classifications of Black Americans and the achromatic color they both share.

LVL3 Gallery
LVL3 in partnership with ACRE is proud to present the work of recent residents Janina Anderson, Sera Boeno, Kaveri Raina, and Ellie Tomlinson. Together, the four artists pay homage to the state, feeling, and physical effects of being in-between. In-Betweenness, showcases topics of hybrid identities, objects with multiple functions, and the relationship between content and form. Being “in between” is an awkward state that provides potential for multiple perspectives. While being stuck in the middle, In-Betweennessallows our influences to fall onto either side of the spectrum.

Line Dot Editions
Should We Maybe Reschedule?: Savannah Jubic & Renée Hrovat
Line Dot is thrilled to present Should We Maybe Reschedule? featuring original work from emerging Chicago artists Savannah Jubic and Renée Hrovat. In distinct yet complementary art practices, Jubic and Hrovat explore the anxieties and obsessions of the modern moment through labor-intensive gestures spanning multiple media. Should We Maybe Reschedule? reflects the central tensions of the contemporary human condition, from artificiality to reality, constant interaction to loneliness, excessive consumption to emptiness. Processes such as hand-weaving, oil painting, and embroidery lend materiality to these abstract concepts, opening a space for direct physical engagement with the intangible. Each artist offers an intimate glimpse into their personal fixations and vulnerabilities as an invitation to the viewer to reflect on—and connect with—their own experiences.

Rainbo Club
Kari Abromitis & Dmitry

Toy de Jour: Vintage, Toys, Arts & Farts
Skeleton Faces and Laser Swords: A Group Art Show Inspired by Phantom Starkiller
Over two thousand years ago Killer Bootlegs created one of the greatest warriors of all time, known throughout the galaxy as "Phantom Starkiller." Through legends and fables passed down through generations this warrior remained celebrated and feared at the same time. All over the universe, various societies created countless representations of his likeness through paintings, carvings, drawings, and even play toys. Toy de Jour is very excited to announce that they have the privilege of hosting the first ever exhibit showcasing the largest collection of artwork based on Phantom Starkiller.

Video Game Art Gallery
PLAY.GROUND II: Video Game Art from Hong Kong
With its distinctive urban landscape and rich cultural legacies, Hong Kong has always been a great source of creative inspiration for video games. Hong Kong is one of the most frequently depicted locations in video games. As both a physical place and a cultural icon, Hong Kong unquestionably occupies a unique position in the video game imaginary. Against this cultural context, PLAY.GROUND II features a collection of video game and game-inspired artworks by five Hong Kong-based media artists: HUI Wai-Keung, IP Yuk-Yiu, Vvzela KOOK, Alan KWAN and Edwin LO, providing an extended showcase and a creative overview of the distinctive state of Hong Kong video game art and its recent development. Originally shown in Tokyo Arts and Space, this is the first exhibition of its kind to tour to North America. The exhibition was curated by IP Yuk-Yiu and supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.



Friday (8/30/2019)
Firecat Projects: Nelson W. Armour: The Identity Project - opening reception 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Jackson Junge Gallery: One Wall: Alex Peyton-Levine - artist reception 6:00pm to 9:00pm
The Silver Room at Emporium Wicker Park: SOUL Music - 9:00pm to 2:00am

Saturday (8/31/2019)
AdventureLand Works on Paper: Two Worlds: Ashkon Haidari - exhibition closes
Challengers Comics + Conversation: Let's Make Ramen Signing with Sarah Becan - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Little Broken Things: Samuel Murphy: Jitters, You've got the - opening reception 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Vertical Gallery: Mythical Creatures: Alex Face & Muebon - exhibition closes 
Volumes Bookcafe: Special StoryTime with the Children's Literacy Initiative - 10:00am to 11:00am
Young Chicago Authors: Queeriosity Zine Release - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Sunday (9/1/2019)
Heaven Gallery: Dead Futures Artist Talk - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
The Occult Bookstore: Final Weekend - noon to 6:00pm
Wicker Park Farmers Market: market open 8:00am to 2:00pm

Ongoing Exhibitions
Agitator Co-operative Gallery: Breaking the Myth: Anti-Model Minority Show
David Leonardis Gallery: August Group Show
Eskell: Laura Collins: Full Bloom
Gallery Cafe: Joshua Rhoades
Heaven Gallery: Dead Futures
Langer Over Dickie: Never Had a Jumpshot, Never Had a Plan 
LVL3 Gallery: In-Betweenness
Line Dot Editions: Should We Maybe Reschedule?: Savannah Jubic & Renée Hrovat
Rainbo Club: Kari Abromitis & Dmitry
Toy de Jour: Skeleton Faces and Laser Swords: A Group Art Show Inspired by Phantom Starkiller
VGA Gallery: PLAY.GROUND II: Video Game Art from Hong Kong