Weekend Arts Guide (3/14-3/17 2019)

By: WPB Arts
Sponsors: Wicker Park Bucktown SSA33
Date: March 14, 2019 - March 17, 2019

Image Credit: Where Have All the Forests Gone, 2018 by Tom Duffy as seen in Time, opening this weekend at Jackson Junge Gallery.

With warmer weather and spring just around the corner, this weekend is shaping up to be a great one for the arts in Wicker Park Bucktown! Check out all of the offerings, openings, readings, happenings, and special events below...

Thursday (3/14/2019)

Rainbo Club
Marieke McClendon & Jonathan Van Herik
Opening Reception 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Volumes Bookcafe
Days for Girls
Volumes is hosting another fundraiser for the incredible Days For Girls organization. Days for Girls International is a grassroots non-profit creating a more dignified, humane and sustainable world for girls through advocacy, reproductive health awareness, education and sustainable feminine hygiene, because no girl should go without. There will be a raffle for very cool baskets. You will be able to see and touch the products and purchase a kit for a girl far away to use for just $10.00. Stop by to help out! Rishi Tea will be offering free samples!
6:00pm to 8:00pm

Friday (3/15/2019)

Heaven Gallery
Hold Sway + Margins, Material and Metaphor
Hold Sway brings together two artists working with overlapping perspectives in paint and photography. Ellen Hanson’s paintings reveal partial views on free-standing intersecting canvases, emphasizing the illusion of the image. Hanson's multi-paneled paintings reveal intimate moments while at other angles their built-in barriers conceal, underscoring the nature of privacy. Aimée Beaubien draws parallels between photographs and landmasses in states of flux. Photos cascade and plates shift in a fractured landscape shaped by subterranean forces. At the core of this photo-based installation is a chance encounter with a three-ring binder of 35mm black and white contact sheets dating from the early 1970’s. Beaubien builds bridges between past and future via the visual records of two women, unknown to one another.
In Margin, Material and Metaphor, Surabhi Ghosh resituates marginalized narratives of everyday spaces by combining the spectacular with the mundane, transforming materials such as upholstery, vinyl and glass beads through repetitive processes of drawing, cutting, and stitching. Olivia Valentine’s work focuses on the construction of edges and interstitial spaces, stemming from her investigations into the space of the textile edge. Both Ghosh and Valentine use material and metaphor to challenge the composition of constructed spaces. In this exhibition, the two artists investigate their overlapping interest in materialized edges and metaphorical boundaries as defined by visual patterning. The installation the work is a collaborative process between the two as they respond to the interior architecture of the gallery.
Opening Reception 7:00pm to 11:00pm

Jackson Junge Gallery
The Jackson Junge Gallery presents Time, its second group exhibition of their 2019 season. This exhibit features 20 works of art in various mediums by artists from around the world. Time is a thought-provoking concept due to its many definitions and interpretations. For this exhibition, artists were encouraged to bring forth their own understandings of time. Time is endless. However, in our world today, time is considered one of the most valuable assets. The concept of time has been the subject of study in many different fields, including the arts, sociology, geology, biology and physics. When defined as a noun, time is “the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). In this exhibition, concepts revolve around time as an illusion, time’s effect on human life and time in regard to the environment.
Opening Reception 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Volumes Bookcafe
Magic Helicopter Showcase
Mike Young is bringing his Blue Turn tour to Chicago to host a reading of amazing Magic Helicopter Press authors and friends, including Jessica Baer, Max Cohen, Feliz Lucia Molina, Peter Jurmu, and the official Chicago release of Nate Logan's Inside the Golden Days of Missing You! In addition to poetry, shenanigans, and great Magic Helicopter Press titles, there will be a treasure chest for trading: people will be able to put in a lucky charm or a book or CD or zine of theirs and take out something that someone else has put in. So people in one city might trade for the books/music/art/charms of people from somewhere else. And a sweet circulation will happen across this puffed land.
7:00pm to 9:00pm

Saturday (3/16/2019)

Agitator Co-operative Gallery
Sex Work 101
Join SWOP-Chicago education coordinator Lix Velvet for a workshop on the history and politics of sex work. Learn about decriminalization and the struggle for sex-worker rights, and how to practice sensitivity toward the sex workers in your life. All with the 2019 Chicago Sex Workers Art Show as a backdrop!
4:00pm to 6:00pm

Challengers Comics + Conversation
Women's Comic Month: Lizzy Tiritilli & Ashly Powley
It's time for Women's Comics Month! Challengers is once again celebrating Women and Non-binary comic creators for the month of March, and this year we’ll have 2 creators exhibiting their work, showing off their comics and talking shop each Saturday and Sunday of the month. This Saturday will feature Ashly Powley and Lizzy Tiritilli.

Firecat Projects
Richard Shipps: I Saw It In The Paper
Firecat Projects presents I Saw It In The Paper, a one person exhibition featuring the work of Richard Shipps, a Chicago-based artist working primarily with cut paper, often incorporating paint, metal, wood and plastic in various combinations. His work looks at shadow as light, and light as shadow, revealing imagery in both positive and negative space in a framework of changing orientations. His unconventional observation of the everyday world leads to a dose of unconventional thought and expression. Forms and patterns, creating visual rhythms, are informed by shape-memories and emotional references. These developing dialogues are enhanced by adjacent counter-forms, creating a constant meditative conversion of rhythmic balance. He has always been fascinated with the interplay of light and shadow. Using a blend of organic and geometric shapes to reveal form and counter-form in often startling and beautiful ways, Richard’s artwork has been exhibited in many art venues in the US and internationally. Recent work has incorporated large displays of dimensional cur paper imagery and painted sculptural structures.
Exhibition Closes - Final Day

Myopic Books
Myopic Poetry Series: Sade LaNay (Sade Murphy) & JD Scott

The Occult Bookstore
The Hekataeon: A Hymn to Hekate by Jack Grayle
The Occult Bookstore will host the release party for IXAXAAR's newest grimoire The Hekataeon, a highly-anticipated Hymn to Hekate by occult author Jack Grayle. An ecstatic work dedicated to the Maiden-Serpent-Wolf, directly inspired by Mediterranean myth, classical literature, and the sorcerous workings of late antiquity, the tome is a unique compendium that fearlessly sets forth a treasure trove of magical and devotional tools. Forged by the author's personal journey, this grimoire maps out a series of serpentine windings which lead the reader through a labyrinth of songs, spells, chants and invocations to the very throne of the Queen of the Crossroads herself. A limited number of signed and sigilized books will be available for purchase.

Toy de Jour
5th Annul Not Going Out of Business Party
We’ve been very busy lately and almost forgot our own five year anniversary, so we’re gonna have a party! Really this is just going to be an excuse for us to drink the entire time we’re at the store on that Saturday and probably order some pizzas - we will have a couple trays of snacks from our friends at Fresh Market Place as they've graciously donated to the event. We’ll do something fun. Like leg wrestling or some other feats of strength or giveaways or discounts. We’ll figure it out. But the one thing we do know is we’re gonna have the official after party at Logan Arcade cause that’s where we want to go and we are the same dang age in business years. Come hang out with us, ya jerks!
Noon to 5:00pm

Volumes Bookcafe
Dead Precedents Book Launch + Lucy Knisley: You Are New
Join us as we celebrate the launch of local author and UIC professor Roy Christopher's newest book Dead Precedents: How Hip-Hope Defines the Future. We're having a party to celebrate, and you're invited! In Dead Precedents, Christopher traces the story of how hip-hop invented the twenty-first century. Emerging alongside cyberpunk in the 1980s, the hallmarks of hip-hop — allusion, self-reference, the use of new technologies, sampling, the cutting and splicing of language and sound — would come to define the culture of the new millennium. There will also be readings by Krista Franklin and Ytasha L. Womack!
Join us for the launch of author & illustrator Lucy Knisley's new children's book You Are New! A world of being new is waiting for little ones and the grown-ups who love them in this warm and funny book perfect for baby showers. From napping to crying, cuddling to playing, this book introduces the world with humor, honesty, and unmitigated sweetness. Award-winning author and artist Knisley celebrates the joys of having—and being!—a baby in this timeless celebration of new beginnings and the transformative power of love. We are thrilled to play host to the launch of her adorable kids book.
Dead Precedents 7:00pm to 8:00pm + You Are New 10:00am to 11:00am

Wicker Park Farmers Market
Winter Farmers Market at the Chop Shop
The Wicker Park Farmers Market has begun our first ever indoor market this season at Chop Shop. We will be open every Saturday through April! Local vendors will be offering all the best in handmade and homegrown to get your winter started right. This week includes a musical performance by Mike Felton from 10:00am to 2:00pm.
Market Open 10:00am to 3:00pm

Sunday (3/17/2019)

Challengers Comics + Conversation
Women's Comic Month: Kara DuVall & SAS-E
It's time for Women's Comics Month! Challengers is once again celebrating Women and Non-binary comic creators for the month of March, and this year we’ll have 2 creators exhibiting their work, showing off their comics and talking shop each Saturday and Sunday of the month. This Sunday will feature Kara DuVall and SAS-E.

Sideshow Gallery
Sacred Sundays
Shop friends from Shaman's Dream contribute to this monthly pop up at Sideshow. Michael Whitcomb will be in the shop to do aura cleansings and astrological chart readings. Mary will also be in the shop with her extensive collection of crystals. She will be able to answer any questions about crystal attributes and properties. Appointments should be made for a char reading.
Noon to 6:00pm

Ongoing Exhibitions

AdventureLand Works on Paper
Nostalgia by Deal
The Chicago artist known as "Deal" specializes in street art and caricature illustrations. His interests and influences stem from cartoons, graffiti art, hip hop culture, sports, and television and film. Deal's work often depicts humorous situations or renditions of famous pop-culture icons. Deal is a graduate of Columbia College and has exhibited across the nation and been features in various publications.

Agitator Co-operative Gallery
Chicago Sex Workers Art Show with SWOP
Agitator Gallery has partnered with the Chicago chapter of the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) to bring the neighborhood Chicago's latest iteration of the Sex Workers Art Show, celebrating International Sex Workers Rights Day. The exhibition foregrounds the talent of artists who have worked in the sex trade. By centering their art, labor, and lived experiences, SWOP aims to sex work stigma.

Gallery Cafe
Sarah Curl-Larson & Rachel Lechocki
Gallery Cafe is continuing International Women’s Day, because one day isn’t enough. Sarah Curl-Larson and Rachel Lechocki have teamed up for this exhibition about visual symbols and representations of feminism. Crafted with earthly elements and themes of ecological issues around human encroachment, the work meshes creative courageousness with irony and humor.

gallery no one
Catherine Hu: Very Little Changes + I can't even
gallery no one is pleased to present Catherine Hu's solo exhibition. Very Little Changes presents a bunch of objects that imitate and combine existing forms, like that of buildings, landscapes and furniture. Functioning like puns, where two meanings share one form, these hybrids attempt to exist simultaneously in places where one or the other might not be welcome, acting like a bridge between discrete ideas.
I can't even
 is an online exhibition made up of work from seven artists touching on the characteristics of the Internet in varying degrees, providing new modes of thinking for the new media and the contemporary Internet language.

Jackson Junge Gallery
Chicago Perspectives
Chicago Perspectives is an exhibition that features urban photographs taken here in Chicago, by Paul Kolenda. Each photograph offers a fresh perspective on this great cities architecture, train system, and weather phenomena. While growing up in Michigan, Kolenda would visit Chicago often. His love for Chicago brought him here in 1998. Since, he has focused on urban photography. Kolenda says, “It’s like a different world when you see these buildings. What were the architects thinking? What did they do to make everyone want to take a picture of their building? These architects have created a fantasy.”

LVL3 Gallery
Cloud 9
LVL3 blissfully presents Cloud 9, an anniversary show marking our ninth year as an artist-run space. Each year, LVL3 invites back five previously exhibited artists to celebrate their accomplishments and positive impact on our programming as we continue to grow. Cloud 9 refers to the intense feelings of well-being and happiness. The work in this exhibitions, from artists Leslie Baum, Will Hutnick, Dan Rizzo-Orr, Esther Ruiz, and Cecilia Salama, shares the feeling of euphoria and new found heights. It’ll have you walking on air.

Little Broken Things
Secret Society Dropout
Of her new show, Laura Catherwood states “Creatively, I have been inspired by animals my whole life. My creative work now is based on the personal symbols we develop in our lives and our ambiguous feelings, using quietly surreal animals and monsters to illustrate them. I often ask people ‘what is your favorite animal and why’, and the pieces in this show are a new series of illustrations based on the answers I have gotten. These paintings are also new experiments for me using acrylic, as I was trained as an oil painter. They are painted on wood and clayboard.”

Roots & Culture
Sirimas Benz Amatayakul & Alex Stark: Aggregate with Amanda Joy Calobrisi: Act as if I’m not Here in the Milwaukee Avenue Window
Sirimas Benz Amatayakul creates abstract paintings to honor the unrelenting energy, rawness, innocence, courage, spontaneity, and joy that she observes in her children when they’re creating art. Alex Stark’s drawings describe the body and its surroundings. Birds are a personal symbol representing both fragility and an alternate way of seeing that comes from flight. The birds are seen in relation to a vulnerable nude figure that establishes a connection or kind of empathy between them. Under the transformative night sky these emotively drawn elements find strength in each other.

Sideshow Gallery
Sacred Heart Show
40+ artists will join us for a group show about love, pain, and sacrifice. Using traditional sacred heart imagery, the walls of the shop will be lifted with romantic and iconic displays in many different mediums.

Vertical Gallery
Two Sides: Gemma Compton & CopyRight
Vertical Gallery presents a special two artist exhibition from contemporary British artists CopyRight and Gemma Compton titled Two Sides. For this exhibition, the husband and wife team wanted to explore how their individual artistic practice could be combined into a collaborative project, exploring the ‘two sides’ of relationships. The work has been curated into 3 sections. A third each for the individual, to showcase their signature style and the other third are blending their two different artistic practices to create something unique. Gemma Compton’s highly stylized works explore ideas of love and loss portrayed through natural form. CopyRight has combined his roots in street art with his dark, romantic narrative to create a pulp fiction of strong iconographic artworks.

Video Game Art Gallery
Polymorphism: Queer Encounters of Intimacy in Games
This exhibition explores the burgeoning field of interactive queer art, which gamifies the mechanics of intimate relationships and reinterprets traditional game concepts as a means to experience affection, desire, and love. While queer desire has been marginalized and pathologized in the mainstream, within LGBTQIA+ culture, a more inclusive acceptance of kink and diverse relationship structures is being articulated. Whether in the context of long-term romance, intimacy with multiple partners, or casual sex, these artworks place the practice of acting on attraction in the hands of the player, furthering our ability to express the personal experiences of an underserved culture and drawing a wider audience into conversations about gameplay and desire. Please be advised that this is a explicit show and content warnings may include nudity, sex, violence, mental illness, and suicide.

Young Chicago Authors
In My Feelings
In My Feelings explores concepts of empathy and intimacy as these ideas have shifted as we become more dependent on our technological devices. Can we re-engage or re-imagine the practices of being empathetic? The artists in this exhibition survey our intimate relationships with one another, the objects we encounter every day, and object to object relationships. The exhibition features work by Angela Azmitia, Aviv Benn, David Heo, Anneli Goeller, Polina Protsenko (and Martel Tinsley performing with Polina), Logan Kruidenier, Neil Patrick O’Malley, Jonathan Korotko, Naoki Nakatani, Sara Salass, and Yae Jee Min.



Thursday (3/14/2019)
Rainbo Club: Marieke McClendon & Jonathan Van Herik - opening reception 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Volumes Bookcafe: Days for Girls - 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Friday (3/15/2019)
Heaven Gallery: Hold Sway Margins, Material and Metaphor - opening reception 7:00pm to 11:00pm
Jackson Junge Gallery: Time - opening reception 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Volumes Bookcafe: Magic Helicopter Showcase - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Saturday (3/16/2019)
Agitator Co-operative Gallery: Sex Work 101 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm
Challengers Comics + Conversation: Women's Comic Month: Lizzy Tiritilli & Ashly Powley - 11:00am
Firecat Projects: Richard Shipps: I Saw It In The Paper - exhibition closes
Myopic Books: Myopic Poetry Series: Sade LaNay (Sade Murphy) & JD Scott - 7:00pm
The Occult Bookstore: The Hekataeon: A Hymn to Hekate by Jack Grayle - 6:30pm
Toy de Jour: 5th Annual Not Going Out of Business Party - noon to 5:00pm
Volumes Bookcafe: Dead Precedents Book Launch - 7:00pm to 8:00pm + You Are New - 10:00am to 11:00am
Wicker Park Farmers Market: Winter Farmers Market at the Chop Shop - 10:00am to 3:00pm with music 10:00am to 2:00pm

Sunday (3/17/2019)
Challengers Comics + Conversation: Women's Comic Month: Kara DuVall & SAS-E - 11:00am
Sideshow Gallery: Sacred Sundays - noon to 6:00pm

Ongoing Exhibitions
AdventureLand Works on Paper: Nostalgia by Deal
Agitator Co-operative Gallery: Chicago Sex Workers Art Show with SWOP
Gallery Cafe: Sarah Curl-Larson & Rachel Lechockia
gallery no one: Catherine Hu: Very Little Changes I can't even
Jackson Junge Gallery: Chicago Perspectives 
LVL3 Gallery: Cloud 9
Little Broken Things: Secret Society Dropout
Roots & Culture: Sirimas Benz Amatayakul & Alex Stark: Aggregate Amanda Joy Calobrisi: Act as if I'm not Here in the Window
Sideshow Gallery: Sacred Heart Show
Vertical Gallery: Two Sides: Gemma Compton & CopyRight
VGA Gallery: Polymorphism: Queer Encounters of Intimacy in Games
Young Chicago Authors: In My Feelings