Magic a la Carte

By: Magnificent Magic Company
Sponsors: Magnificent Magic Company
Date: November 3, 2018 - November 17, 2018

Closeup Magic Show

Magic A la Carte is an interactive show that allows our guests to participate. You are not only watching the show; you are a part of it!


Klaas Folkern takes you on a journey that is both fun and baffling. He is the guy you would like to have with you in Vegas. There is something of a savant in his mind. You shuffle the deck and the next thing you know he deals you a Royal Flush. A silk disappears and suddenly the magical powers land in your lap. This is a close-up show, where the audience truly participates. You will speak about it for years to come!

Klaas engages in magic with a passion; the art is literally his calling. He loves to connect and has an intuitive feeling for what makes people tick. He looks you in the eyes, and suddenly you go from winning a poker game to having suggestive powers you never thought existed. When the tables turn, you feel shivers go down your spine, while your lips burst in to a vivid laughter.

Magic A la Carte is a culmination of a lifetime with magic. The tricks are gently presented, spiced with delicate humor. “It’s in the blood” says Klaas with a grin on his face.


The Flat Iron Arts Building
1579 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago IL 60616

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