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Arts at Wicker Park Fest

Wicker Park Fest Arts is a section within Wicker Park Fest dedicated to unique and inspired works from some of the most talented local artists and arts organizations. Located in the middle of the action on Milwaukee, Wicker Park Fest Arts features visually-compelling performance and installation artworks.

This year, WPF is going to have a sculpture installation called, "Life's A Balance" by Christina Murphy. It will be unveiled at 1 pm on Saturday, the first day of the Fest. 

"My vision is to show the joy that youngsters, in this case, portrayed by young animals, have while playing around," stated Murphy. 

The WPF Arts area will also have an interactive game. PLAY BIG is the interactive game area that is intended for kids of all ages thanks to Miracle Works.

Included in this play area will be oversized versions of the following:

  • Battleship
  • Pool
  • and MORE!

There will even be referees to officiate these games. 

Click to view the schedule for the LIVE fashion show at Wicker Park Fest Arts Area at 7:00p Saturday. 

The WPF Arts Area is sponsored by the Wicker Park Bucktown SSA #33. Click here to learn more about the WPB SSA#33.