WPB Murals

Wicker Park and Bucktown have long been home to numerous murals and a plethora of street art. This approach to the streets and walls of the neighborhood as a canvas for artwork is a large part of the neighborhood's character. Local and international artists have graced our walls with their work and skill for over a century and some have gone on to earn quite a reputation to their name. WPB Special Service Area #33 works in various ways to continue this legacy and maintain the vibrant nature of our corner of the city.

Wicker Park Bucktown Mural Initiative

SSA #33 aims to commission and fund approximately two to three murals each year and accepts applications from local artists on a rolling basis via a Request for Proposals. Properties interested in hosting one of our commissioned murals should email info@wickerparkbucktown.com for inquiries. Previously, the SSA has sponsored the Orange Walls project that funded the creation of several murals throughout the neighborhood. Most recently, we have worked to bring Hebru Brantley back to the site of one of his earliest Chicago murals after it was painted over accidentally.

Registry of Murals and Public Work

The SSA is working to build and maintain a constantly evolving and updated online registry and archive of murals and public work throughout Wicker Park and Bucktown. The aim of the registry is to provide the public with a means of identifying artworks and learning more about them as well as a way to bring miles of work to one interface. In addition, murals and public artwork funded by the Special Service Area will be accompanied by official plaques and signage to help protect the work from future accidental removal. 

Mural Assistance for SSA Area Properties

Properties within the boundaries of Special Service Area #33 are eligible to receive financial assistance to fund murals at their location through our Facade Rebate Program. Murals and graphics can help establish a unique identity. If the side of a building, proposed for a graphic or mural is highly visible from the main shopping street, such artwork may be considered an eligible expenditure through the program.