Wicker Park Bucktown Special Service Area #33

WPB. It’s our name and the name of the community we serve. It is where we live and what we live for. We help make this hood happen. WPB works when we grease the gears of commerce. It flourishes when we promote its arts. It stays beautiful because we keep it clean. Our culture thrives with our celebration of it. We are the forum to hear its voice. We are the volunteers who serve it. More importantly, we are it.


2016 Annual Report

Our Annual Report is now available for online viewing! Produced by Teska Associates, this document shows you exactly what WPB SSA #33 did last year.

One Big Thing

On Feb. 7, 2017, the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce and WPB Special Service Area (SSA) #33 announced six finalists for the largest public art commission in their history: John. E Bannon, Lynn Basa, Nicole Beck, Curt Brill, Paul Kuhn and Chris Boyd Taylor. This new piece of public art had been dubbed ONE BIG THING.  Selected by a committee of Chicago arts professionals, Lynn Basa's proposal, "Worker Cottage," won a commission to create a permanent installation to be displayed at the highly visible intersection of Milwaukee Avenue and Wood Street in the heart of the Wicker Park Bucktown neighborhoods. Learn more about this project on the One Big Thing page.

WPB SSA #33 Master Plan Update

The Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce and Special Service Area #33 is proud to introduce our 2016 Master Plan. This five-year strategic plan will guide our ongoing efforts.

Please see the project website for more information, www.WPBforward.org.




WPB SSA #33 was successfully renewed in December 2014 for another 15 year term. WPB SSA #33 will be able to continue to provide services through 2029.