Mission Statement

Wicker Park’s Green Music Fest serves as a platform to educate and encourage its 30,000+ attendees to embrace green initiatives, transportation, and products that improve our daily lives and promote sustainable living by leaving a smaller footprint.

"The bike powered stage pushes us to think about what more we could power with our legs, our bodies, and our minds. We're humbly reminded that if recycling and composting can be done at a street fest, it can easily be done at our workplace and within our homes." —Proco Joe Moreno, 1st Ward Alderman

"Green Music Fest stands apart from other music festivals because of their attention to sustainability. GMF has taken green efforts to the next level with the bike powered stage and areas for recycling and compost. I am really excited to be a part of GMF because I think environmental consciousness is important to instill in the general population, and GMF is taking large leaps to do this!" -Emily Mackson, Loyola University, Environmental Studies

"Green Music Fest is writing the playbook for running an event responsibly—They truly recycle and compost food scraps, and fans learn how to take eco-practices home with them and help power the stage on bikes! Everyone benefits from Green Music Fest's respect for the environment. Plus, the music is always awesome." —Stephanie Katsaros, Bright Beat