Wicker Park Farmers Market Vendors


Artisan Bread shop

Artisan Bread Company is a specialty wholesale baking company located in Chicago’s West Town. Our skilled bakers handcraft fresh artisan breads daily making each and every piece of bread unique and special. We slow proof our breads using recipes brought over from Europe and we offer an extensive product line consisting of baguettes, dinner rolls, sandwich rolls, batards, artisan loaves and more.  We also offer custom design breads and sweets for our customers’ specific needs.

Ayurveda Alchemists

Ayurveda Alchemists is a company born out of a passion for healthier products produced from nature's gifts in order to reduce our chemical exposure while protecting our planet. Our belief is that for every human health problem there exists a plant to cure that condition. Nature provides us with everything we need to live healthy lives. Plants are the original medicine, not the alternative.Products include DeStress Anti-Anxiety Calming Spray, multi-purpose sprays for body, home and linens, Deet free bug repellent, Zinc based sunscreen, Pick-Me Ups, roll-on essential oil based blends that promote mood elevation, calming, headache relief, traveler’s aid, and more maladies as well as just pleasant scents. We make 100% wool dryer balls, healing bath salts, chakra oils, yoga mat spray, aluminum free deodorant, and more fine products without toxic chemicals.  

Broad Shoulders BBQ

Broad Shoulders BBQ dates back to the early 1980s when my parents and their friends developed the sauce in Chicago, the city of broad shoulders, as part of the renowned Ribfest. While they didn’t win that year, something else was formed; the deep bonds between friends and family that come from sharing an experience like great BBQ. From its inception, the sauce brought people together. Throughout my life, the sauce has been a source of friendship, happiness, and community. Wherever I went, this smoky, spicy sauce was a way to bring people together. Before I knew it, everyone was requesting a jar of Broad Shoulders BBQ. In the same way this sauce helped strengthen my own community, Broad Shoulders BBQ is committed to giving back. A portion of the proceeds from every jar of Broad Shoulders BBQ will be reinvested in local youth programs. As Broad Shoulders BBQ grows, so will its involvement in the community.


Brothers baking bagels since 1983. Andy, Bill, Pete, and Steve Jacobs were fresh out of college when they moved to Chicago from New Haven, CT, in 1983 to bring authentic bagels to Chicago. They opened The Bagel Bakery on October 4 of that year at 50 E. Chicago Avenue, and spent the next 16 years baking Chicago's best bagels-- crunchy on the outside, chewy in the middle. Now these delicious bagels and their schmears are available at the Wicker Park Farmers Market. Look for the Brobagel canopy, and please visit us next to Piece at 1931 W. North Avenue.

Bushel & Peck's

Bushel & Peck's launched in 2002 as a small farm in Monroe, Wisconsin. We grew vegetables, flowers, and fruits. We raised grass fed lamb and free range chicken. In 2008, we expanded with a retail store and restaurant in Beloit, Wisconsin. In 2010 we built our preservation kitchen. We make and market artisan, agricultural goods for those who seek high-quality, environmentally sound, handcrafted products. Our preservation kitchen, store and restaurant supports a local economy and connects consumers directly to farmers and craftsmen & women. Each good we provide shares the story of its artisans, neighbors, tradespeople, and friends. Bushel & Peck's and our affiliated producers are experts in their fields who believe in the future of a handcrafted economy. 

Burton's Maplewood Farm

Burton's Maplewood Farms 100% pure maple syrups are U.S. Grade A Medium Amber & Grade B all natural syrups, with no preservatives. Enjoy the same delicious syrups served at America's First and Only National Maple Syrup Festival, or send as a gift to that special someone.

Crêpes Paname

Crêpes Paname is based on a simple concept – everything hand-made and French! We make our crepes to order starting from scratch. We use professional crêpe pans made in France. Our ingredients are mostly local and often organic. All food is made by hand including the various flour-based batters (buckwheat and wheat flour) which is made to resemble French batters as much as possible.

Dove's Luncheonette

Set to the sounds of 1960s and 70s Chicago soul and blues, Dove's Luncheonette offers counter service morning, noon and night in the heart of Chicago's Wicker Park. Chef de Cuisine Dennis Bernard's inviting menu delivers Southern-inspired Mexican cuisine, alongside a tequila and mezcal-focused bar program, with the spirit of genuine hospitality. The 41-stool luncheonette takes its name from Nelson Algren's A Walk on the Wild Side, and draws inspiration from bygone diners and watering holes to create a place where people from all walks of life can converge over a cup of coffee, cocktail, and a great meal.

Elsie Mae's Canning

In 2009, during her first summer in Wisconsin, Kelly Deem decided to go strawberry picking at a local farm to make jam for her family. As it turned out, the experience planted to seed for Kelly's business: Elsie Mae's Canning. After making 42 jars of jam and not knowing anyone to trade or share with, Kelly decided to try a local farmers market and saw immediate success. Elsie Mae's Canning officially opened its door in 2012 in downtown Kenosha. The business grew quickly, soon producing 120 different varieties of jam, as well as fruit pies, pot pies, salsas, and other canned goods, all of which use local ingredients.

Fehr Brothers

Fehr Brothers Farms offers a simple promise as a healthy, local alternative to the beef products seen in the grocery store. Their beef is direct from the farm and locally raised, 100% purebred Black Angus with superior genetics and rich marbling, and dry-aged 14 to 21 days. Fehr Brothers ensures its cattle are raised with plenty of room to graze on pasture, grass and hay and finished on grain; their diet is completely vegetarian. Their beef is USDA- inspected, hormone and antibiotic free, and the sustainability and conservation farming methods of Fehr Brothers have been practiced for over 100 years.

Garden Offerings & Petals Farm

Petals is a family owned and operated cut flower farm located 45 miles northwest of Chicago.  We take pride in providing unique, colorful, and fragrant floral choices, abiding by a natural, sustainable growing method.  From choosing selections, seeding, transplanting, cultivating, bunching and selling... we definitely get our hands dirty!  Our family is completely hands on and involved with every aspect of the farm.  This care and attention that we put into the flowers is reflected upon the quality of product you receive.


In 2006, Ipsento was founded with the idea in mind that all people are on a journey of self-discovery. The word "Ipsento" was invented by the company's founders. It is the combination of two Latin roots: ipse = "self", sentio = "to discover". As the founder's journey lef them down a different road to discovery, the door was opened for Ipsento's current ownership to take their global coffee travels, stories, theories, experiments and knock-knock jokes and introduce coffee drinkers to what they found to be a profoundly deeper experience of coffee. And, while life can be rich and full without delicious coffee in the picture, our research indicates that less than seven percent of people agree. We are terribly serious about offering only the most brilliant, sustainable coffees in the world-- and far less concerned with our ego to cram all of our business standards and ethics into this fine paragraph.

Iron Creek Farm

Iron Creek Farm is a certified organic farm located just few miles south of Michigan on the beautiful rich black soils of northern Indiana. Iron Creek is committed to environmental stewardship such as improving soil and water quality and protecting wildlife. By following organic practices they feel that they are not only being good stewards of the land, they are also protecting and caring for the health of their family and yours.


The foods we promote are all-natural. We believe you are what you eat, and we create foods that do not harm the body. By promoting our products, we educate people to know what they are eating. We offer homemade pastas, muffins, cookies, and more!


Metropolitan Farms takes a leadership role in the aquaponics industry with a proof of concept greenhouse-based farm in Chicago's West Humboldt Park. The farm's mission is to grow food in the city where it is eaten. The founders of Metropolitan Farms believe aquaponics farming is an answer to society's needs for a healthier, more secure, and environmentally sustainable food system. Aquaponics adds fish to a specially adapted hydroponic system creating a natural, closed-loop environment for growing that is free of the chemical fertilizers and pesticides commonly used in hydroponics. The greens and fish grown in the system are nurtured, as they would be in nature, producing tender, flavorful food without GMOs and land animal-based feed. Metropolitan Farms offers chefs, retailers, and consumers the opportunity to meet their local farmers, avoiding the disconnect occurring when food is transported from across the country, or from around the world. Locally grown in Chicago means the freshest ingredients and sustainability for the environment.

Mint Creek FARM

Mint Creek Farm raises premium, grass-fed meats for the Chicago area. They are a family farm, grazing their livestock on Certified Organic central Illinois pasture. They produce grass-fed lamb, grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pasture- raised goat, and humanely-raised veal. In addition to their pastured livestock, they raise pastured poultry, including pastured free-range chicken, pastured free-range duck, and pastured free-range turkey.

Nichols Farm & Orchard

The Nichols Farm & Orchard story began in 1978 with Lloyd and Doreen Nichols’ backyard garden. Lloyd had always loved to garden, and with visions of becoming self sustained the family moved from Lombard and the backyard garden, to their first 10 acre parcel in Marengo, IL. They bought animals, made butter and cheese, cultivated 4 of the acres, and planted a small orchard. The yield was much more than Lloyd and the family needed, so he began selling the vegetables out of the back of his truck and became a vendor at the Evanston Farmers Market. Over 30 years later, Lloyd still considers himself a market gardener and attributes the vast variety of fruits and vegetables the farm cultivates to that gardener’s spirit and love for variety. The farm still sells their bounty at the Evanston Market, but in the years since the late 70s, the number of markets has grown to 12-14 in any given year, and countless restaurants and CSA customers. Today, Lloyd’s sons and grandchildren work and live on the farm carrying on the spirit and love for the land for future generations of market customers and chefs. The farm grows over 1,000 different fruits and vegetables with over 200 varieties of apples alone. Every year brings a new variety and discovery for the farm and the loyal customers, and Lloyd and the family hope to do so for many more years to come.

Pasta Pappone

Pasta Pappone sells handmade pasta using Durum Semolina wheat flour. Their pasta is all natural, low in sodium and fat, and contains no cholesterol. All pastas are made with only fresh, natural ingredients and do not contain any preservatives or dyes. In order to obtain the tasty flavors, fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices are used.  We are located in the heartland of Midwest America, and take pride in our products.  Give it a try today and taste the difference!

River Valley Ranch

Founded in 1976, River Valley Ranch is the oldest mushroom farm in the Midwest. River Valley Ranch still produces fine fresh mushrooms and also grows other produce, including 20 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, 10 varieties of potatoes, a dozen types of peppers, 10 varieties of onions, asparagus, spinach, winter squash and more. All crops are grown without pesticides or chemicals and produces pickled mushrooms and more than 25 shelf-stable products.


Located in South Haven, Michigan, the Seedling Orchard has a compelling credo: sell only locally grown fruit, leave fruit on the tree or vine until ripe and ready to eat, grow carefully and hand-pick to provide the most natural piece of fruit, and taste test to ensure great tasting fruit.

Stamper Cheese

Stamper Cheese represents a handful of artisan cheese makers in southwestern Wisconsin exclusively at the Chicago farmers markets. Cheese curds, parmesan, aged cheddar, fresh herb jacks, the best mozzarella string cheese on the planet, fresh mozzarella - they have it.

Twisted Olive

Quality Olive Oils and Balsamic are a natural complement to the fresh produce, cheese, bread, and meat sold at the Wicker Park Farmers Market. Twisted Olive engages each farmers market customer as if they are walking in to our store. Twisted Olive products are sampled with bread and produce while educating customers on the health benefits and variety of uses with upscale olive oils and balsamic.

Velvet Desserts

At Velvet Dessert, we think everyone deserves a feel good moment at least once a day! Our pastries are created keeping this in mind. We use high quality ingredients, fresh seasonal produce, and time tested French techniques to make our pastries extra delicious. Everything is hand-crafted, from scratch, so our customers can feel as special as our pastries taste. We offer traditional French pastry with a modern twist in our recipes to keep our customers intrigued. After all, dessert should be special everyday-- not just on special occasions.