Wicker Park Farmers Market and the Wicker Park Advisory Council bring you music from local artists while you shop and enjoy prepared foods in the park.


June 10

String Quartet 10am -12:30pm

Deja Vuey 12:30pm - 2pm

June 24 String Quartet 10am -12:30pm
July 1 B Forrest/Makeshift Bluegrass 10am-12pm
July 8 This is the Hammer 11am - 1pm
July 15 Deja Vuey 11am - 1pm
July 22 This is the Hammer 11am - 1pm, pm 
July 29 B Forrest/Makeshift Bluegrass 10am-12pm, This is the Hammer 12-2pm
Aug 5 Heidi Serwer 10am - 12pm
Aug 12 String Quartet 10am -12:30pm
Aug 26 String Quartet 10am -12:30pm, Tom Compton 9am-1pm 
Sept 2 Leanna Brown & Paul Palos, 11am-1pm
Sept 9 String Quartet 10am -12:30pm, Bradley Smith 11am-1pm
Sept 16 Mike Felton 12pm -2pm