LeSage Tha Lynxx

Time: 3:30 pm

Chicago native, Chris LeSage is a singer/songwriter/producer branching out into the scene in local music. Born on the south side of the city, he was introduced early in life to the eclectic sounds of house music, smooth chill jazz artists such as Sade & Erykah Badu, as well as influences in pop, punk, and R&B. 

Earlier acts included performing under the alias Silhouette Radio as an acoustic pop musician. Recent music introduces a more mellow R&B/Chillwave style, combining most of his influences into one. Recent projects include the Alpha, Violet mixtape, self-produced, as well as produced by Chicago's own ThaHydrox, Chinza//Fly, and others. 

Chris LeSage has the single focus of putting the word out in Chicago that there's more than hip hop on the rise. 

Love. Listen. Repeat.☮

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