Celia Rose

Time: 4:30 pm

Celia Rose has spent most of her music career performing outside of the United States, in places as varied as Haiti, Israel, France, Rwanda, and Canada.  Wherever she goes, she brings her indie-folk-pop style, while also diving deep into the musical traditions of the countries she visits.  The result is a wild, often exotic, and always unique musical blend, showcasing the diversity of our world and the stories that bind us together. 
A prolific singer/songwriter, Celia’s music ranges across the spectrum of human experience.  Her songs can brim with optimism, fearlessness, love, and the constancy of change.  Others slow down and reflect on paths not taken, and the loss of innocence.  Her vocal style, a cross between Natalie Maine’s strength and Dolly Parton’s quick vibrato, along with her naturally warm and approachable stage presence, draws in listeners and always leaves them wanting to hear more.