Beautiful, Bountiful Brunch Spots

Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce - Sunday, April 15, 2012

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As the weather turns especially nice and springtime has settled in, weekend brunch becomes something akin to a necessity.

Part of what makes Wicker Park and Bucktown great is the prevalence of restaurants with outdoor eating spaces and dedicated brunch menus.  Here is a guide to getting your egg, pancake and Bloody Mary fix in WPB this spring.

For the design, health and eco-conscious, you would be hard pressed to find a better option than prasino.  It’s a modern, chic spot that prides itself on sustainable dining options.  Everything is done here with style, even the tea service.  The menu is quite comprehensive and it’s one of the rare Chicago places that will include pancakes with your omelette (that’s a huge plus in my book).

For a little more casual option, Milk and Honey Cafe is right down the street and boasts a lively, yet cozy vibe for brunch. The menu isn’t huge, but every item is very well-thought-out and imaginative.  It’s definitely the kind of place where you don’t want to substitute ingredients because they have been put together with great care.  

If you are looking for traditional southern brunch, there’s no place better than (well, kind of obviously) The Southern to tame your brunch cravings.  The doughnuts are a great starter with a very nice coffee anglaise for dipping and all the dishes are very well made.  Plus, they have good drink specials and an extensive set of Bloody Marys to choose from (ask your server).

Brunch doesn’t get any bigger or livelier than at Feast in Bucktown.  Feast boasts a very diverse menu (anything from chilaquiles to crab benedict) and a huge crowd on the weekends. This is a favorite spot for families and an institution to many Wicker Park and Bucktown community insiders.

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