Arts Spotlight: Johalla Projects

Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce - Friday, February 10, 2012

This blog entry was contributed by: Clover Morell, Administrative Assistant with the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce. She can be reached at

For those of you who have had the recent privilege of seeing this new public art piece by Ryan Duggan at the California Blue Line stop, you can thank Johalla Projects.

Founder Anna Cerniglia says, “When art is in the public eye it meets a whole other audience. This audience might never walk into a gallery or have access to be exposed to it. I believe it can affect someone’s day in a more positive way than there being nothing there at all.”

And indeed it does.

Have you seen the mural by artist Andrea Jablonski on the façade of the restaurant Tocco? Do you remember the two beautiful silver deer installed in the empty lot at 1827 N. Milwaukee? What about the Wicker Park Walgreen’s mural by Ron Ewert and Dustin Ruegger? All Johalla.

In fact, Johalla Projects has been making a significant impact on the visual landscape of Wicker Park since 2009 while offering opportunities to emerging and mid-career artists. 

As a collaborative project space, Johalla Projects describes themselves as “a haven for artists, curators, and patrons who desire to expand their aesthetic horizons.”

Find out more information and check out their newest projects here.

Keep an eye out for an exciting new WPB SSA #33 sponsored project by Johalla Projects coming to the neighborhood soon!    

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