New Member Spotlight: Balderson & Company

Posted by: Unknown on Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Please give a warm welcome to one of the WPB Chamber's newest members, Balderson & Company. Andrew Balderson is the Owner.


Andrew BaldersonBriefly describe your business and introduce yourself. 
I am Andrew Balderson and I’m the owner of Balderson & Company, a full service accounting & tax practice based in Bucktown.

Where did you get the inspiration to open your business? 
Working with my clients and overcoming challenges with them inspired me to start my own practice.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a business in Chicago? 
Get as much input as you can from family, friends & advisors. Learn to be flexible from this, because thing can turn out wholly different than you might plan.

What product or service of yours are you the most excited about offering? 
I’ve recently started working with a benchmarking tool that is great for creating a starting point of strategic planning.

What do you like the most about being located in Wicker Park Bucktown? 
I’m right at home! I live in Bucktown, which is my favorite neighborhood in Chicago.


What are the places in Wicker Park Bucktown that you cannot live without? 
Reckless Records, Antique Taco & Lovies are a few of my favorite spots.

What kind of people are your customers? 
My clients are a diverse mix of individuals and business owners. 


You can check out Balderson & Company's Directory Listing for more information, contact information & links.



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