Member Spotlight: Nomobo Salon

Posted by: Unknown on Friday, September 19, 2014

Please give a warm WPB welcome to the new Salon on the block (Ashland Ave to be specific), Nomobo. We've found out a number of interesting items from the owners, Shelly Wilson & Sam Du Rocher, including their difficulties in opening (the City must approve new salons within 1000ft of another, due to a strip of salons forming a drug ring a few years ago) and how they came to the Name, "NoMo[m]Bo[bs]." You can read through all of their adventures in the long read at Bangstyle. 

Read on here for the best introduction to Nomobo:

Briefly describe your business and introduce yourself. 

Nomobo is a full service hair salon opened in March 2014 by Shelly Wilson and Samantha Du Rocher who have a collective 20 yrs. experience in the salon industry. We like to focus on doing modern color and cutting techniques to deliver custom results for our clientele.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a business owner? 

Start earlier than you think! Keep the budget flexible.  Not everything has to be done 100% at the beginning.  Its an ongoing process that will take a bit to perfect.


What product or service of yours are you the most excited about offering? 

Kevin Murphy haircare products! Being a cruelty free and biodegradable product line, we believe that this line is environmentally friendly and gives us that edge that’s necessary for the Wicker Park consumer.

Nomobo ♥ Kevin Murphy Products!
What do you like the most about being located in Wicker Park Bucktown?

WPB is a vibrant neighborhood.  We love that it is a nice centralized location, making it convenient for the average Chicago commuter.  

What are the places in Wicker Park Bucktown that you cannot live without? 

Love the Quimby’s bookstore over on North Ave for their amazing magazine selection. Also, we LOVE Las Palmas, the wonderful Mexican restaurant on North Ave.

What can people expect when they walk in your front door?

The salon space is modern and industrial yet still warm and inviting.  

Inside Nomobo Looking Out Inside Nomobo Nomobo's Cutting Floor


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