The End Is Nothing, The Road is All: A Nelson Algren Documentary

Posted by: Unknown on Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nelson Algren: The End Is Nothing, the Road Is All

A documentary on the life of Nelson Algren, the literary figure of local infamy; produced by local studio, Bullet Proof Film.

Bullet Proof Film Inc.

Chicago’s Wicker Park is home to Bullet Proof Film, a full service production company and producer of award winning documentaries whose work has been distributed world wide airing on PBS, ARTE France, Link TV and the History Channel. It is also the site of esteemed writer Nelson Algren’s most evocative and influential work. So, it seems fitting that former Wicker Park resident and award winning filmaker Denis Mueller and filmmaker Mark Blottner have joined with Ilko Davidov of Bullet Proof Film to produce the definitive documentary on the life and work of Nelson Algren.

Nelson Algren: The End is Nothing, the Road is All is a feature length documentary film about one of America’s most important -- yet underappreciated and unjustly forgotten authors. The film deftly evokes the atmosphere of 1950’s Wicker Park/Chicago, the perfect setting to revisit, through Algren’s signature writings, issues that are still very relevant today - government surveillance, social and political activism, the excesses of a materialistic society, and the role of the artist in it.


The soulful notes of jazz great Oscar Pettiford, performed by long time Bucktown musician Richie Pardo, provide an emotional chiaroscuro to Algren’s flailing, tragic battles with the city of Chicago, his critics, the FBI, too many women - most famously Simone de Beauvoir, and ultimately, himself.


We are seeking support for this project from those who are closest to it. To Algren, Chicago and Wicker Park were more than just places to live and work, they were characters that came alive through his writing, they were like family. And so, we too are part of the “Algren family” and have been working for over a decade to finish and bring this film home, to Chicago, where it belongs. 



Our Indigogo campaign is drawing to a close.  We are within reach of our goal. Your help can make this amazing story of Wicker Park’s most illustrious writer, a reality. Please donate what you can, today.


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A big thank you to Ilko Davidov, Carmine Cervi, & Bullet Proof Film, Inc. for bringing WPB a fantastic biopic on Nelson Algren, and for writing this post to help get the word out.



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