Weekend Arts Guide (6/27-6/30 2019)

By: WPB Arts
Sponsors: Wicker Park Bucktown SSA33
Date: June 27, 2019 - June 30, 2019

Image Credit: Invite Only, 2019 by YAMS as seen in Public Spaces, coming to a close this weekend at Jackson Junge Gallery.

It's a hot and sweaty summer weekend in Wicker Park Bucktown, and our latest WPB Weekend Arts Guide has everything you need to see what's cool in the neighborhood while you keep it cool yourself! Catch an exhibition opening, see a show before it closes, or hit up a reading, happening, or other event. No matter what you're into, there's something for you over the next few days...

Thursday (6/27/2019)

Agitator Co-operative Gallery
Everyone Gets a Dollar
So you’ve worked, worked, worked on your craft and now you’re gonna go make it work for you, Everyone Gets a Dollar! This show is the result of efforts to create a cross pollination of art scenes in Chicago, bringing together music and the performing arts. Event performances and artworks include CR Cooper, Demure, Hali Palombo, and Hopscotch. Doors open at 7:00pm. Performances begin at 8:00pm. Suggested donation of $5.
8:00pm to 10:00pm

Friday (6/28/2019)

Challengers Comics + Conversation
Transformers Trading Card Game: War for Cybertron I: Siege Launch Event
The next expansion for the Transformers Trading Card Game, "War for Cybertron I: Siege," is out and Challengers is hosting a launch event! Starting around 7:00pm, we'll be playing a round of Sealed Deck ($25 entry, 6 boosters of WFC Siege provided, deck constructed from those 6 packs), followed by some free and casual Constructed play. As this is a sanctioned event, we'll be providing EXCLUSIVE promo cards for attendees while supplies last! This event will be new player friendly, so fans of all skills can attend!

Laura Collins: Full Bloom
Full Bloom is an exploration into floral painting, a tradition that has been practiced by female artists and hobbyists for generations. This series has allowed the artist to feel connected to a lineage of female artists that have worked for centuries with floral subject matter. It stands as a contemporary take on a conventional topic. It has encouraged Collins to embrace a more saturated color palette and has led her to find new ways to engage an audience. The paintings come at a time in her practice when she is eager to see what the future holds. Full Bloom becomes a celebration of renewal and regrowth. Cocktails provided for the reception by Young American Bar.
Opening Reception 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Firecat Projects
William Horberg: Portraits in Jazz
Please join Firecat Projects in welcoming Chicago native William Horberg back home along with his artwork. The exhibition itself consists of William's many watercolors of various Chicago jazz venues and portraits of the performers. They share his love and respect for the musicians in his favorite music form. The sensitivity and warmth towards the subject are clearly apparent in the work. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy this artwork and meet the artist. There will be live music at the opening provided by Tony Richards and a live jazz trio.
Opening Reception 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Heaven Gallery & LVL3 Gallery
Alternative Space: A simulated art fair
As Heaven Gallery fights to keep space, we asked ourselves: what better way to show the power of Chicago artists than to throw a last minute art fair to celebrate Chicago’s long tradition of alternative spaces? From apartment galleries to artists collectives, our city has always found creative ways to show outsider art. Slow, The Franklin, LVL3, AMFM, Apparatus, Baby Blue, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Heaven Gallery, Adds Donna and curator Oscar Gonzalez Diaz come together for a show that treads the line of art fair and exhibition. They represent alternative inclusive space for women, LGBTQ, and ALAANA (African, Latinx, Asian, Arab, Native American) artists. Alternative Space is named after the book Alternative Spaces written by art historian and MCA Curator Lynne Warren in 1984. Warren defines alternative space as “a nonprofit or noncommercial organization originated by and for artists (and assuring them a primary role in policy development and programming) that primarily shows Chicago-area artist and has had a fixed location, and operated on a continuous basis.” Heaven aims to begin a conversation about the importance of showing outsider art and being a hub for inclusion, while addressing predatory theories of gentrification which indicate that capital follows culture and identifies artists as the main agents for gentrifying working-class neighborhoods. As we celebrate Pride in Chicago, Alternative Space provides a platform to celebrate artists and spaces who take pride in being different with no apologies. Heaven Gallery exhibitors include Marzena Abrahamik, Alexandra Antoine, Yesiena Bello, Andrea Coleman, Lauren Dacy, Meg Duguid, Ellen Hanson, Haerim Lee, Carla Fisher Schwartz, Yasmin Spiro, Sadie Woods, and Gwendolyn Zabicki. LVL3 exhibitors are David Heo, Jenn Smith, Allison Wade, Susan Pasowicz, and Erin Washington.
Opening Reception 7:00pm to 11:00pm

Volumes Bookcafe
Speak: All Ages Open Mic
We want to create a safe space for Chicago's youth to perform and share their stories, poems, music and more! Join us for the last Friday each month as we open the store to Chicago's young talent. Adults can join the fun as well, but we ask that any work shared be appropriate for young audiences (i.e. No racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist language. No sex, drugs or violence.) We're excited to get this started. Teachers, spread the word!
6:30pm to 8:30pm

Windy Kitty Cat Cafe with Quimby's Bookstore
Whiskers, Writers & Whiskey!
Celebrate June as National Adopt a Cat Month! In honor of this special month, don’t miss this a night of zinesters, cats, and refreshments at the Windy Kitty Cat Café, just two blocks east of Quimby’s — in a night we’re calling Whiskers + Writers + Whiskey. The fine folks there save orphan kittens, abandoned or stray cats and mama cats with kittens, looking to find homes by offering them for adoption. Join zinesters Anne Elizabeth Moore, Sara McHenry, Jonas, and Cynthia Hanifin for cat-themed readings amongst feline friends. Tickets to this special event are $25 and can be purchased HERE.
7:00pm to 9:00pm

Young Chicago Authors
Bittersweet + YCA Showcase and Screening
Young Chicago Authors and Bittersweet monthly present a showcase and screening celebrating the work of YCA. We invite you to join us Friday, June 28th from 6-9pm. The event will include a photo gallery, a panel with the creative team of BS and performances from Jay Post, Matt Muse, Emon Lauren, Taisaun Levi and Semira Truth! Light refreshments provided.
6:00pm to 9:00pm

Saturday (6/29/2019)

AdventureLand Works on Paper
Citizens: New Work by Susan Hagen
Susan Hagen is a sculptor who lives and works in Philadelphia. Her primary artistic concern is to "convey – through the sensuous forms of wood sculpture and a narrative language informed by current events – some of the raw beauty around [her] in the world." Citizens is a series of works that celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of ordinary people who make up the fabric of urban life. The gallery is pet friendly.
Exhibition Closes - Final Day

Challengers Comics + Conversation
She Said Destroy #1 Signing and All Day Hang with Joe Corallo & Liana Kangas
Joe Corallo and Liana Kangas, creators of the brand new Vault Comics series She Said Destroy, are coming to Challengers! But...it's not just a signing–it's an all day hang out! Joe and Liana will...Sign your books! Liana may even doodle in them! Talk about comics! Pet your dog! Discuss the final season of Game of Thrones! Eat Italian ice (probably!)! Have pizza (not WITH you, but you can watch THEM eat it)! Wonder why it's so hot in the store! ...and more!! Come and meet your 2 new best friends and leave with a (signed) great comic and stories you can tell your grandkids about!
Noon to 4:00pm

No Nation Art Gallery and Tangential Unspace Lab
Las Flowers Of La Mitocondria 
Las Flores de la Mitocondria están avaluadas en preciosas cantidades de liquido extraído de la espina dorsal. Until the mind completely fails there will be memory reenactment. Earth getting warmer with a terminal and fluorescent summer slumber...Truth In Relation To How Much Forms & Objects Reveal Their Nature. Works presented by Oltree Hui (Paintings & Performance), Ethan Mertz (Paintings), Mallory (Chelsea Bridge) and Haley Mary Patricia McCormic, Mira Mos (Reading and Video), Harley Foos (Performance), Rob Steinberg (Video), Nabil Vega (Video), Nakory Carrot (Performance), and more. 
5:05pm to 10:44pm

Sideshow Gallery
Black Moon Market
Sideshow Gallery is so pumped to invite you to another of our backyard markets under the stars. In true Sideshow form we have invited some amazing west coast designers over to join in the festivities. Special guests Acid Queen and Theeth Jewelry will be showing some of their newest designs and blowing our minds with all the amazingness that they create. These ladies will be accompanied by some of our favorite local designers and treat specialists...Pie, Pie My Darling will have her coveted vegan treats and Cheese Sex Death will be selling decadent cheese plates for all you fancy folks! Drinks will be provided by Illuminated Brew Works to ensure a grand ol' time! Check out the artist lineup and mark your calendars for an amazing night! Artists include Acid Queen Jewelry; Theeth Jewelry; Brett Manning Art; White Wolf Syndicate; Dark Lights Candles; Nightshade Floral Design; Angel Onofre; Pie, Pie My Darling; Night Eyes Leather; IMW Ceramics; Ransack Leather; WAYFINDER; and Cheese Sex Death.
3:00pm to 9:00pm

Vertical Gallery
Stinkfish: The short distance between the lands. The long distance between ports.
Vertical Gallery presents Colombian artist Stinkfish in his second solo exhibition at the gallery. Born in Mexico, but raised in Colombia, Stinkfish has been honing his skills on the streets of his hometown of Bogota since an early age. His murals, always bursting with color, have a stenciled portrait at their center. These portraits are taken from photos that the artist takes during his travels around the world. Stinkfish uses similar color techniques that were popularized in the pop art movement in the 50s. The portrait itself is created with only two or three colors, so the bright and varied colors of the patterns jump to the forefront.
Exhibition Closes - Final Day

Volumes Bookcafe
Colin Egglesfield - Agile Artist
Join us as we welcome Colin Egglesfield to Volumes to talk about (and sign) his new book Agile Artist: Life Lessons from Hollywood and Beyond. Colin Egglesfield was born in Farmington Hills, MI and moved to Chicago at a young age. With his passion for wanting to make a positive social impact and a desire to get into the world of real estate, Colin started his own real estate investment company, Stage 2 Properties and began rehabbing houses in the south side of Chicago. He is currently working with community leaders and developers including a nonprofit called Art on the Loose. One of their main goals is to help revitalize underserved communities including the creation of an inner city youth community center that works with those with interests in art and design. These experiences and more have shaped Colin and taught him a lot about life, success, and making a difference which is the impetus for his book. In Agile Artist he shares his rich life stores and provides plenty of inventive strategies to help you, too, break through to your creative, true self. This event is free and open to the public.
7:00pm to 9:00pm

Sunday (6/30/2019)

Firecat Projects
William Horberg: Portraits in Jazz Artist Reading and Reception
Please join Firecat Projects in welcoming Chicago native William Horberg back home along with his artwork. Firecat will be hosting a reception for William as he presents readings from his memoirs. The exhibition itself consists of William's many watercolors of various Chicago jazz venues and portraits of the performers. They share his love and respect for the musicians in his favorite music form. The sensitivity and warmth towards the subject are clearly apparent in the work. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy this artwork and meet the artist.
2:00pm to 4:00pm

Firefly Fiber Arts Studio
The True North Creative Trunk Show
Firefly is excited to be hosting a trunk show of The True North Creative Yarn! This indie dyer is out of Mississauga, Canada, creating beautiful variegated, speckled, and self stripping yarn! The trunk show has run for the month of June and now must come to a close.
Show Closes - Final Day

Jackson Junge Gallery
Public Spaces 
Public Spaces exhibits an amalgam of artworks created in the studio by artists who are known for making their primary body of work in the public domain. Many are muralists who have left their mark all over the world. Others produce work out in the public domain, utilizing aspects and elements of those public spaces to make their art. Exhibiting artists Ali Six, Ava Grey, Czr Prz, Enivo, Jim Bachor, Jordan Miller, RenO Franczek, Storm Print City, Tony Passero and YAMS have all brought their passion for street art, performance painting, and public practices into a space different from others. Each artist has found their niche out in the public and have brought their work into other avenues. Many have street art and studio work that often connect. With the creation of the new Chicago mural registry, and other neighborhood organizations creating resources for artists, it is an exciting time for muralists and street artists as well as artists making work in public spaces. Public Spaces is curated by Assistant Gallery Director Kaitlyn Miller.
Exhibition Closes - Final Day

Langer Over Dickie
Ravel Summer Workshop: Interiority Off-Leash : or : I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
With source texts ranging from Justin Philip Reed’s Indecency to HBO’s Sharp Objects this seminar will emphasize poetics that bridge internal and external landscapes, how knowing a concept through its deficit builds a counter world. Call it abstract aesthetics of the marginalized or a reconciliation, a refusal to be fugitive to physicality and realism. We will examine poetry that helps us get lost. Poetry that follows a subject or speaker into their own liminal space. A light flickering from it’s recall of darkness. Across space, time, realities, the only constant being you: the busy canvas, the neural vehicle housing fantasy and reality ass-to-ass. Even among hyper- and counter- realities, limits are key. Here we will consider how to guide the ship while it passes through us. This workshop will be 3 hours long, with roughly 60% dedicated to teaching and discussion and 40% dedicated to generative exercises and feedback. The cost is $50 dollars, though sliding scale payment is available for those who express a need on their registration forms.
7:00pm to 10:00pm with Registration

Wicker Park Farmers Market
Fresh produce from regional agriculture and local prepared foods culminate with a weekly market in Wicker Park proper. Musical performance by Ryan Burns from 8:00am to 10:00am and James Fraser from 10:00am to noon.
Market Open 8:00am to 2:00pm

Ongoing Exhibitions

Agitator Co-operative Gallery
Personal History in Narrative Figure Paintings
In this group show six artists present their personal histories in their oil and acrylic paintings. Exhibiting artists include Noël Ash, Gabriella Boros, Andrea Kaspryk, Jonathon McKay, Kateryna Tkachenko, and Xiaotong Zhao. The show is curated by Agitator member Andrea Kaspryk.

The Dime
Paul Beaty: Midwest American Scenes
Paul began his love for Small-Town Americana in his hometown of LeRoy, Illinois, which is where he also launched his photojournalism career at the age of 14. In this body of work, created over a span of 30 years, and assembled for the first time under the title Midwest American Scenes, Beaty documented everyday scenes as a  "passive observer." We are proud to host Paul’s first solo show, an exhibition of this American odyssey of the Midwest. 

Gallery Cafe
Bear Champ: JC Rivera
For this month, Gallery Cafe is featuring the one and only Bear Champ: J.C. Rivera.

Langer Over Dickie
Highly Illogical 
Langer/Dickie presents as its inaugural exhibition, Highly Illogical, a hybrid two-person show and collaborative installation by Chicago-based artists Jason Dunda and Erin Washington. The two artists come together to transform the gallery space into one of tangential thinking, humor, and improvisation. In addition to selections from their individual studio practices, Dunda and Washington will present collaborative works that draw connections between disparate images and materials from the history of art, design, and popular culture. The audience will likely recognize references to Star Trek, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Buckminster Fuller, and other cultural iconography.

LVL3 Gallery
Where is the Reward
LVL3 presents, Where is the Reward, a two-person exhibition featuring Chicago based Jessie Darnell and Columbus based Morgan Rose Free. Free is breathing new life into objects found through anthropomorphic transformations creating alternative narrative structures and contexts. Darnell is also rewriting narratives by framing sourced imagery of call girls, plumbing books, and fetish letters in combination with materials associated with dominance and desire. The new bodies of work within Where is the Reward examine how Darnell and Free make material connections through assemblage and mixed media collage to discuss ideas around agency. Agency within the forms or figures they uncover and then establish as shiny new objects.

Line Dot Editions
Third Annual Juried Show
Line Dot is thrilled to present our Third Annual Juried Show featuring original work from 25 selected local artists, including Aidan Hercules, Ann Weinheimer, Antonio Beniquez, Barry Callahan, Blake Jones, Caroline Liu, Cristi López, Dale Paracuelles, Dovie Golden, Elaine Boby, Emmett Merrill, Eric Weatherford, Frank Quintero, Gary Schechner, Isamar Medina, Joseph Renda Jr., Kurt Kreissl, Laura Catherwood, Lily Cozzens, Merry James, Moises Salazar, Mosher, Oscar Joyo, Sean Hannaway, and Zachary Mory.

Little Broken Things
A System of Signifiers: Matthew Lawson Garrett & Katie Williams
Little Broken Things hosts their first two person exhibition featuring the work of Matthew Lawson Garrett and Katie Williams.

Rainbo Club
Beth Klacko: Life Finds a Way + Velvet Goldmine's Clock Collection

Toy de Jour
Mega Man Group Art Show
Toy de Jour: Vintage, Toys, Arts & Farts presents their June group art show based on Mega Man! There may even be a few Mega Man games to play...

Video Game Art Gallery
PLAY.GROUND II: Video Game Art from Hong Kong
With its distinctive urban landscape and rich cultural legacies, Hong Kong has always been a great source of creative inspiration for video games. Hong Kong is one of the most frequently depicted locations in video games. As both a physical place and a cultural icon, Hong Kong unquestionably occupies a unique position in the video game imaginary. Against this cultural context, PLAY.GROUND II features a collection of video game and game-inspired artworks by five Hong Kong-based media artists: HUI Wai-Keung, IP Yuk-Yiu, Vvzela KOOK, Alan KWAN and Edwin LO, providing an extended showcase and a creative overview of the distinctive state of Hong Kong video game art and its recent development. Originally shown in Tokyo Arts and Space, this is the first exhibition of its kind to tour to North America. The exhibition was curated by IP Yuk-Yiu and supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.



Thursday (6/27/2019)
Agitator Co-operative Gallery: Everyone Gets a Dollar - 8:00pm to 10:00pm

Friday (6/28/2019)
Challengers Comics + Conversation: Transformers Trading Card Game: War for Cybertron I: Seige Launch Event - 7:00pm
Eskell: Laura Collins: Full Bloom - opening reception 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Firecat Projects: William Horberg: Portraits in Jazz - opening reception 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Heaven Gallery & LVL3 Gallery: Alternative Space: A simulated art fair - opening reception 7:00pm to 11:00pm
Volumes Bookcafe: Speak: All Ages Open Mic - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Windy Kitty Cat Cafe with Quimby's Bookcafe: Whiskers, Writers & Whiskey - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Young Chicago Authors: Bittersweet + YCA Showcase and Screening - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Saturday (6/29/2019)
AdventureLand Works on Paper: Citizens: New Work by Susan Hagen - exhibition closes
Challengers Comics + Conversation: She Said Destroy #1 Signing and All Day Hang with Joe Corallo & Liana Kangas - noon to 4:00pm
No Nation Art Gallery and Tangential Unspace Lab: Las Flowers Of La Mitocondria - 5:05pm to 10:44pm
Sideshow Gallery: Black Moon Market - 3:00pm to 9:00pm
Vertical Gallery: Stinkfish: The short distance between the lands. The long distance between ports. - exhibition closes
Volumes Bookcafe: Colin Egglesfield - Agile Artist - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Sunday (6/30/2019)
Firecat Projects: William Horberg: Portraits in Jazz Artist Reading and Reception - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Firefly Fiber Arts Studio: The True North Creative Trunk Show - show closes
Jackson Junge Gallery: Public Spaces - exhibition closes
Langer Over Dickie: Ravel Summer Workshop: Interiority Off-Leash : or : I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free - 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Wicker Park Farmers Market: market open 8:00am to 2:00pm

Ongoing Exhibitions
Agitator Co-operative Gallery: Personal History in Narrative Figure Painting
The Dime: Paul Beaty: Midwest American Scenes
Gallery Cafe: Bear Champ: JC Rivera
Langer Over Dickie: Highly Illogical
LVL3 Gallery: Where is the Reward
Line Dot Editions: Third Annual Juried Show
Little Broken Things: A System of Signifiers: Matthew Lawson Garrett & Katie Williams
Rainbo Club: Beth Klacko: Life Finds a Way Velvet Goldmine's Clock Collection
Toy de Jour: Mega Man Group Art Show
VGA Gallery: PLAY.GROUND II: Video Game Art from Hong Kong