Weekend Arts Guide (12/27-12/29 2019)

By: WPB Arts
Sponsors: Wicker Park Bucktown SSA33
Date: December 27, 2019 - December 29, 2019

Image Credit: Live Your Dreams by Karina Llergo, as seen at Jackson Junge Gallery.

It's the final WPB Weekend Arts Guide of the year (and the decade)! It may be a slower weekend, but there are still shows and artwork to see and plenty to do around the neighborhood. So read up and end your year in artful style...

Friday (12/27/2019)

Firecat Projects
Bert Menco: Inspired-Transpired-Expired
Firecat Projects presents Inspired -Transpired -Expired, a comprehensive exhibition featuring recent and past works on paper, drawings, etchings, woodcuts and monotypes by Bert Menco. Much of Bert’s work deals with human interactions, attempts to communicate, the irony being that visual art is a form of communication. Most of his more elaborate works seem to tell stories, but Bert rather refers to them as poetic visual expressions. Some other works, notably his small, quite immediate produced monotypes, he calls his “catharsis images, as these reflect, with some irony, his discomfort with the tragic on goings in our times, a mere alert, hoping that the tides will turn. Coming from The Netherlands to the US, Bert’s work has a distinct European feeling, and is quite personal, likely in part formed by his family’s history having survived World War II.
Opening Reception 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Saturday (12/28/2019)

AdventureLand Works on Paper
A Half-Dozen Pigeon Stories: New Works by Tony Fitzpatrick
AdventureLand Gallery is closing out 2019 with new work from Tony Fitzpatrick. A Half-Dozen Pigeon Stories will run concurrently with The Sky at Diversey at The Dime. 
Exhibition Closes - Final Day

The Dime
The Sky at Diversey: New Works by Tony Fitzpatrick
The Dime is closing out 2019 with new work from Tony Fitzpatrick. The Sky at Diversey will run concurrently with A Half-Dozen Pigeon Stories at AdventureLand Gallery. 
Exhibition Closes - Final Day

Vertical Gallery
Pizza In The Rain: Landscapes
Vertical Gallery is very proud to present Pizza In The Rain: Landscapes, which commemorates the conclusion of a 13-month-long collaborative public art project celebrating the architecture of the Windy City. eatures work from Chicago’s Pizza In The Rain, who spearheaded the project, alongside efforts from Kate Lewis, Joseph Renda Jr., Matt Wojtan, Kirsten Valentine, Polly Jiménez, Danny Sobor, Zissou Tasseff-Elenkoff and Lie. The Landscapes initiative reintroduces and reinvigorates familiar and foreign buildings, urban cityscapes and natural settings. The Vertical exhibit and accompanying book preserve Landscapes for posterity.
Exhibition Closes - Final Day

Young Chicago Authors
Queeriosity: Issa Vibe
Queeriosity is a monthly open mic and creative space for queer and questioning youth and their friends. This month Queeriosity is hosted by Ari Appleberry and Darius Malik and features DJ Ca$h Era. This month's workshop focuses on how disc jockeys create mixes and playlists for different events. Participants will then learn how to apply these skills and make their own personal playlists depending on the vibe they are going for! At the end there will be a collective Queeriosity playlist that everyone in the space will have input in.
6:30pm to 8:30pm

Sunday (12/29/2019)

LVL3 Gallery
Lasting Impressions
Lasting Impressions explores materiality and permanence through works by Gregory Bae, Bailey Hikawa, and Kay Hofmann. Bae addresses topics of consumption and technology through repurposed objects that indulge in his own internal compulsions. Hikawa’s sculptures treat the iPhone as a relic with designs that compliment the body. Hofmann is separating from the unknown through her laborious work of abstracted forms. Bae, Hikawa, and Hofmann’s approaches to their material reflect on the impact of human existence, be it ecological or philosophicalLasting Impressions engages in conversations around persistence and excess while hopefully providing a sense of liberation or release from the effects of late-capitalism.
Exhibition Closes - Final Day

Ongoing Exhibitions

Firefly Fiber Arts Studio
ND Yarn Company Trunk Show
For the month of December, Firefly will host a trunk show for Austin, TX based ND Yarn Company! ND strives to put forth quality hand-dyed yarns, mostly inspired by nature, with methods that reduce our impact on the environment. The owner, Natalie Dianne Zimmerman is a trained scientist with a degree in microbiology and graduate work in immunology. Her passion for science and love of photography have instilled in her an appreciation of nature that is reflected in her work as in independent dyer and an artist.

Gallery Café
Erasing Borders: A Collection of Photographs by Tony Menias
Travel and documentary photographer, Tony Menias, brings to light images of faraway lands and cultures to our doorstep for this exhibition.

Heaven Gallery
Petty Biennial.2
Founded in 2016, The Petty Biennial is not a biennial itself, but a multi-site curatorial investigation towards queering the canon of traditional biennials. The Petty Biennial engages with pettiness as an act of seizing agency within the telling of one’s own story where one asserts themselves unapologetically and finds solidarity from a community of peers. Further expanding on the first Petty Biennial, this iteration challenges the notion of diasporic communities as a dispersion of ethnicities across the globe—understanding diaspora as a network and community of people across races, geographies, and ethnicities who are impacted and connected through the legacies of colonialism, imperialism, and neoliberalism. Channeling a heightened social consciousness and spiritual awareness, artists at Heaven Gallery engage with artworks that elucidate the significance of radical imagination as a pathway to paradigm transformation, consciousness expansion, and healing for the diasporic experience. Through practices that span media, these artists explore themes of spirituality, ancestral histories, ritual, alternative realities and re-translate their experiences into manifestations and signifiers found in our current world. Curated by Courtney Cintron, Sabrina Greig, and Adia Sykes, the exhibition features works by Alexandria Eregbu, Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero, Jesus Hilario-Reyes, Luis Sahagun, Edra Soto, Rhonda Weatley, and Santiago X.

Jackson Junge Gallery
A Change of Mind
A Change of Mind by Laura Lee Junge, is a retrospective of her iconic genres encompassing past and present artworks. Not only is Junge a Chicago based artist, but also co-owner of Jackson Junge Gallery which will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary! Through years of exhibiting throughout the country, Junge has established herself as an intoxicating talent on the artistic front. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Junge has become an influential female figure in Chicago’s prominent art scene. Junge explains, “Over the past 10 years my paintings have evolved. The way I think about life and art has changed. I have grown as a painter, yes, but more importantly this exhibition shows how much my mind and way of thinking has changed.”

Langer Over Dickie
Modules and Other Nonsense
Langer Over Dickie is proud to present a series of works by artists Elliot Doughtie and Shir Ende in Modules and Other Nonsense. Utilizing silk screen schematics and a contractor’s magic wand, Doughtie and Ende leverage layering and modulation, illustrating transitional architectures of interior built spaces and constructed identities. Constructed environments and non-vernacular architecture serve as default way-finding scenarios, where persons corral through predetermined transitional territories. While adherence is not the twin of conformity, dominant culture prevails in human-designed public spaces, as it does in the structures behind their walls. Modules and Other Nonsenseilluminates these tenuous relationships without basely appealing to the target of their subtle restraints: the autonomy of human movement and the desires expressed therein. The works in the exhibition perform a surrogacy for bodies traversing transitional spaces. Doughtie and Ende reassert a choreography with an embedded means of fluidity, via layered processes of screen printing and installation interventions. Here, the artists engender unique encounters and orientations that outstrip fixed perimeters and presumed functionalities. 

Little Broken Things
Atlantian Gardens
Join Little Broken Things for our next artist event, Atlantian Gardens, collage art with prints for sale by Chace Wall. Wall says of his work, "my aim is to direct the viewer into a deeper questioning of the mind and the nature of the emergent universe around them."

Toy de Jour: Vintage, Toys, Arts & Farts
Space, In Vaders 
A new group art show featuring vintage Darth Vader carrying cases painted by various artists. All pieces will be available for purchase. If you're sick of trying to figure out a gift for that Star Wars geek in your life, this is the perfect way to get them something unique, that's also an awesome original art display piece that utilizes a piece of vintage history. The Darth Vader cases were an absolute must back in the 70s and 80s. Now, sadly these cases have lost their main purpose and tend to sit in the shop without much love. So Toy de Jour stockpiled them with help of other local collectors and have passed them out to some of their favorite artists to work with.

Extraction leaves a hole
UGLY is pleased to present Output under a relentless duration leaves an exhaustive hollow; and other ways to say “extraction leaves a hole,” an exhibition featuring Efrat Hakimi and Madeline Gallucci. Extraction leaves a hole debases the proposed relationship between teleological and ontological endeavors in art during this contemporary moment: how does one deploy a convention to further articulate a stake? Under the multitude of strategies for the process of restating an already established idea around a situation indebted to an ideological lineage, Gallucci & Hakimi deploy site-conditioned responses.



Friday (12/27/2019)
Firecat Projects: Bert Menco: Inspired-Transpired-Expired - opening reception 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Saturday (12/28/2019)
AdventureLand Works on Paper: A Half-Dozen Pigeon Stories: New Works by Tony Fitzpatrick - exhibition closes
The Dime: The Sky at Diversey: New Works by Tony Fitzpatrick - exhibition closes
Vertical Gallery: Pizza In The Rain: Landscapes - exhibition closes
Young Chicago Authors: Queeriosity: Issa Vibe - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Sunday (12/29/2019)
LVL3 Gallery: Lasting Impressions - exhibition closes

Ongoing Exhibitions
Firefly Fiber Arts Studio: ND Yarn Company Trunk Show
Gallery Café: Erasing Borders: A Collection of Photographers by Tony Menias
Heaven Gallery: Petty Biennial.2
Jackson Junge Gallery: A Change of Mind
Langer Over Dickie: Modules and Other Nonsense
Little Broken Things: Atlantian Gardens
Toy de Jour: Vintage, Toys, Arts & Farts: Space, In Vaders
UGLY: Extraction leaves a hole