Weekend Arts Guide (11/22-11/25 2018)

By: WPB Arts
Sponsors: Wicker Park Bucktown SSA33
Date: November 22, 2018 - November 25, 2018

Image Credit: Works by Erin Washington as seen in messy universe, on exhibition now at LVL3 Gallery.

It's Thanksgiving weekend! We've got plenty of opportunities to see excellent artwork and to shop local and support local artists. This issue of our WPB Weekend Arts Guide is filled with alternatives to Black Friday and options for Small Business Saturday, including our neighborhood ChillFest event! Stop by these galleries and businesses for the artwork and leave with something for everyone on your holiday shopping list. If you're just looking to see some exhibitions, don't worry, plenty of galleries will be open throughout the weekend with plenty of work for your viewing pleasure.

Friday (11/23/2018)

Challengers Comics + Conversation
Black Friday Sale
50% OFF ALL COMICS (single-issue comics on the shelves marked "COMICS," excludes "New This Week" and "Held" items)
50¢ BACK ISSUES (from the boxes labeled "99¢ BACK ISSUES" only)
The first 50 people get a free THOR #1 or BARRIER #1
11:00am to 7:00pm

Jackson Junge Gallery
Reality Bytes
An exhibition of work by artists Jason Bruek and Kate Harrold.
Opening Reception 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Saturday (11/24/2018)

Presented by the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce and Special Service Area #33 as part of Small Business Saturday, ChillFest is back for a sixth year and better than ever! Featuring over 60 local musicians playing live, acoustic “living room sets” in local businesses throughout Wicker Park Bucktown,  this day of music continues to celebrate the live music history and creative roots of our community while presenting emerging musical talent in unique settings. Enjoy great new music while exploring the many treasures offered by wonderful local businesses! We hope you’re excited for another round of aucoustic music, networking, and supporting local businesses and fellow artists! See the list below of spaces with art or literature that are also hosting musical acts for ChillFest, and click the title-link above to redirect to the official fest page.
Escape Artistry
The Frame Shop
iD  Chicago
Jackson Junge Gallery
Little Broken Things
Volumes Bookcafe
The Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply Co.
2:00pm to 6:00pm

Firecat Projects
Don Perlis: Trumpworld
This exhibition is Perlis' pictorial commentary on today's political and social environment and its pundits. As in the past there have been times that require thought and action. These are one of those times. Don Perlis' recent paintings of super heroes both from the ordinary to the sublime, Trump antics and common everyday buffoons provoke the viewer to ponder our current state of affairs. Including what some people idealize and what is daunted in Social Media. Scenes reflect disparate worlds of have and have nots, the sublime vs. the vulgar, the fantastical to the ordinary. These beautifully rendered paintings depict vignettes that reflect a world that is colorful, bombastic, full of both promise and despair. Perlis pushes the dialogue button. It's arts way to preserve the right for the democratic values of discourse.
Exhibition Closes - Final Day

Firefly Fiber Arts Studio
Small Business Saturday
Grab your holiday gifts, and start checking off your list! We will be having select yarn on sale, and giving out gift certificates with purchases! When you buy:
$50, get a enamel free pin!
$75, get a $10 gift card!
$100, get a $15 gift card!
$150, get $25 gift card!
$200, get $50 gift card!
Not only are you supporting a locally women owned business, but your purchase helps us support the small and women owned business that we personally work with. Your choice to purchase from Firefly is also a choice to buy all natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly materials. By shopping small and support Firefly, you are supporting the creative arts!
10:00am to 6:00pm

The Robey Chicago
Holiday Market
Come shop an amazing Holiday Market hosted by 2:AM in The Hall at The Robey and cross everyone off your shopping list!
2:00pm to 7:00pm

Sideshow Gallery
Small Business Saturday with Parajo Negro
Join us for Small Business Saturday with Chicago's favorite Oddities Jewelry Designer: Pajaro Negro - April Montiel! April has been with us from the beginning and we are so happy to have her back from Ohio for this one day event!
2:00pm to 6:00pm

Young Chicago Authors
Free Store
YCA are having their Annual Free Store! This is a community store with free clothes, shoes, accessories and more for teens and adults of all genders and body types. Cool finds for friends and family, donated from our community. All Saturday workshops will be cancelled this day, but come Shop & Swap for FREE! Help us spread the word.
Noon to 5:00pm

Sunday (11/25/2018)

iD Chicago
Remember the Moment

Join iD as we present Remember the Moment, a collection of new works on paper by Candace McGarry.
Exhibition Closes - Final Day

Ongoing Exhibitions

AdventureLand Works on Paper
Damara Kaminecki: Raptors

Agitator Co-operative Gallery
Picturing Silence: Photos, Paintings, and Sound by Spencer Hutchinson
Picturing Silence is a show about the interstitial practice I found myself engaged in after I stopped making electronic music/sound art and began exploring visual art from a fresh perspective. The centerpiece of the show consists of a collection of large photographs of the sides of picture frames, photographs that represent my own Cagean experience of silence that occurred while I was working as a visitor service representative at the Knoxville Museum of Art in Knoxville, TN. The paintings represent my own exploration of sound related themes that carry over into painting. The single sound piece in the show, 8-track sinfonia, is comprised of several hours of music by J.S. Bach slowed down and represented in ambient musical form, a sound project I engaged in while pursuing my reinvigorated visual art practice. - Spencer Hutchinson

Corbett vs. Dempsey
Robert Lostutter: Kyōsei
It is with pleasure that Corbett vs. Dempsey presents its third exhibition with Robert Lostutter. Entitled Kyōsei, it will feature a suite of fresh works in graphite and a new poem. This show is the ghost that we leave behind. We are pleased to announce that Kyōsei will be the final show in the original CvsD space at 1120 N. Ashland Avenue. We have been here for 15 years and are now excited for the next chapter in a new space...

Gallery Cafe
Audriana Jane Vandenoever
Vandenoever's artwork captures the beauty of the mundane that surrounds us with little notice in the everyday. She seeks to develop that essence through sill life or poetic landscapes and to explore the true nature of a moment.

gallery no one
Year Zero: Amanda K. Guerra & Stephen
 Proski I can't even 
Year Zero
 presents a collection of photographs and hand-sewn constructions made by artists Amanda K. Guerra and Stephen Proski. Working at disparate levels of the all too teetering spectrum, an architectural photographer and a painter (who cuts up their paintings to make new ones), try to find balance careening through the turbulence of our collective post digital existence. In doing so, both artists reference and utilize various elements of architecture on, off, and around the picture plane.
I can't even is an online exhibition made up of work from seven artists touching on the characteristics of the Internet in varying degrees, providing new modes of thinking for the new media and the contemporary Internet language.

Heaven Gallery
Spectrum of Touch + Static Cling
Marissa and Alex put their bodies of work side by side and similarly put their bodies themselves side by side, sharing their apartment. Without submitting to the conventional abuse of theory for the explanation of art practice; that is a reversal that refers to theory as if it precedes practice; we might find thought emerging from the works in a way other then the awkward positioning of an artist as the translator of ideas to things. In Spectrum of Touch, both Alex and Marissa suggest a triangle of mutual dependence between thought, body and the other.
In their second exhibition together, artists Nico Gardner and Lauren Carter continuously shift between the personal and the general, the specific and ambiguous, creating new work in conversation with each other. With a primary focus on desire, ritual, identity, and the expression of human need, Static Cling addresses the power and persuasive nature of mundane, domestic objects. The artists ultimately create new works that highlight similarities in their decision making while embracing their respective differences.

Jackson Junge Gallery
Sounds of Music + Holiday Sale
Music and fine art have a long history of exchange and harmony. In this exhibition, the Jackson Junge Gallery features artwork with a wide veriety of interpretations of music and sound in art. 
This holiday sale grants 20% discounts on reproduction prints and custom framing as well as sales between 50% and 70% off for ready-made frames! Sale runs through December 31, 2018.

LVL3 Gallery
messy universe
LVL3 is proud to present messy universe, a two-person show featuring Adam Milner and Erin Washington. Milner meticulously creates intimate collections as reflections of daily life, routine and personal relationships; his archival process reveal objects as active subjects. Washington’s process of mark making and materiality, symbolic to permanence and histories, demands an active presence which highlights disharmony and failures in search of meaning. messy universe investigates the artists’ processes of collecting and uncovering in order to find meaning in the things that are right in front of us.

Little Broken Things
Down Faithful

A show of abstract works by Will McEvilly.

Roots & Culture
Total Information Objects: New work by Colin Matthes & Christopher Smith
with Charles E. Robert III: Work days-for work, holidays-for sorcery in the Window Gallery
For Total Information Objects, Colin Matthes’ work includes home defense paintings, instructional drawings, and decoys for home décor. These works aim to solve, create, or poke at looming environmental, domestic, and cultural problems. The father of two young kids, Matthes is occupying an increasingly isolated space and letting anxiousness and humor guide his making. Works in this exhibition deal with launching nukes, riding horses, truth, productivity, and fucking ticks. Christopher Smith designed workstations inspired by office supplies, shipping/receiving facilities, and experiments in the field of chronobiology. These experiments involve isolating a human test subject deep in a cave away from any sense of time (sunlight, moonlight, clocks, etc). These hybrid workstations become backgrounds for digital labor, a type of labor that extends beyond human circadian time, and collapses administration with production, management, and public relations. 
Charles Robert borrowed the title of Work days-for work, holidays-for sorcery from text noted in the subtitles of Sergei Parajanov’s Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors during a recent viewing. It seemed to perfectly encapsulate the artist's approach to creating this installation. As a departure from several ongoing projects this piece casts a series of spells with a hybrid of decorative symbologies and re-imagined folk traditions.

Sideshow Gallery
Dominant Submission
We are super pumped to have our old friend and Brown Brothers Tattoo shop owner Max Brown for his first solo Chicago art show. With plenty of years of good times under our belt, we are looking forward to having Max back again and for him to be exhibiting what he has been up to.

Video Game Art Gallery
Backlog: Five Years Building the VGA Print Collection
Since 2013 VGA Gallery has collected two-dimensional prints related to significant works of video game art. To mark the five year anniversary of our continually growing archive this exhibition will mix the old and the new as well as the local and the international of video game art prints. Never presented as a substitution for the experience of real-time play, prints offer incredible value in the ongoing art history of video games. Whether they are a document of an artist’s process, a capture of a significant moment that might pass by quickly in live media, or a closer look at what is underneath the surface of games, prints expand and explode the highly concentrated storage of concepts and experiences packed into each title.

Young Chicago Authors
Work: A Tararchy Solo Show
Tara Zanzig is a Chicago based artist working in hand embellished, screen printed media. Characterized by an unrefined, analog aesthetic, Tara’s work seeks meaning in a commercially driven society through portraiture of its icons and idols. For almost 70 years, Lucy Parsons (c. 1853 – March 7, 1942) fought for the rights of the poor and disenfranchised in the face of an oppressive industrial economic system. While there is much perceived socioeconomic advancement since the early 20th century, Lucy’s work is remarkably relevant and increasingly important given our current political climate. Work explores the work and life of this preeminent activist. In addition to a consistent art practice, Tara teaches screen printing and is the studio coordinator for Spudnik Press Cooperative. She received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.



Challengers Comics + Conversation: Black Friday Sale - 11:00am to 7:00pm
Jackson Junge Gallery: Reality Bytes - opening reception 6:00pm to 9:00pm

ChillFest: across WPB with shows at Escape Artistry + The Frame Shop + iD Chicago + Jackson Junge Gallery + Little Broken Things + Volumes Bookcafe + The Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply Co. - 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Firecat Projects: 
Don Perlis: Trumpworld - exhibition closes
Firefly Fiber Arts Studio: Small Business Saturday - 10:00am to 6:00pm
The Robey Chicago: Holiday Market - 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Sideshow Gallery: Small Business Saturday with Parajo Negro - 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Young Chicago Authors: Free Store - noon to 5:00pm

iD Chicago: Remember the Moment - exhibition closes

Ongoing Exhibitions
AdventureLand Works on Paper: Damara Kaminecki: Raptors
Agitator Co-operative Gallery: Picturing Silence: Photos, Paintings, and Sound by Spencer Hutchinson
Corbett vs. Dempsey: Robert Lostutter: Kyōsei
Gallery Cafe: Audriana Jane Vandenoever
gallery no one: I can't even Year Zero: Amanda K Guerra & Stephen Proski
Heaven Gallery: Spectrum of Touch Static Cling
Jackson Junge Gallery: Sounds of Music + Holiday Sale (through 12/31/18)
LVL3 Gallery: messy universe
Little Broken Things: Down Faithful
Roots & Culture: Total Information Objects + Work days-for work, holidays-for sorcery
Sideshow Gallery: Dominant Submission
VGA Gallery: Backlog: Five Years Building the VGA Print Collection
Young Chicago Authors: Work: A Tararchy Solo Show